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From "Sanjeev Tripathi" <>
Subject RE: [httpclient] How to send and recieve Serialized Object using HttpClient
Date Wed, 09 Feb 2005 16:03:42 GMT
Sorry Wendy. But Thanks to you and Matt again. I didn't see Matt posting
before. But I used your way and SerializedUtil from Jakarta and it
worked fine. But I am still having one problem.
I am able to send object as string same way as you suggested from http
client but from servlet I still need to use content type to
"application/octet-stream" to receive object in httpclient side but I
want to use content type "text/plain" in servlet. If I write object as
byte on respose that object I am not able to receive. It is giving
"invalid header" error in http client side. But I will try Matt's way
and let you know.


Sanjeev Tripathi

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From: Wendy Smoak [] 
Sent: Tuesday, February 08, 2005 6:49 PM
To:; Sanjeev Tripathi
Subject: Re: [httpclient] How to send and recieve Serialized Object
using HttpClient

From: "Sanjeev Tripathi" <>

> Can any one give me url for getting Base64OutputStream and
> Base64InputStream classes on google.

Did you see the reply on commons-user earlier today?  (You're still
to the 'dev' list.)  Matt Goodwin posted code that gets you from an
to a base 64 encoded byte[].

You can see his message in the archives here:

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Wendy Smoak

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