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From "Paul Jungwirth" <>
Subject [attributes] Compiling Apache-style attributes in Java 1.5 source files
Date Wed, 23 Feb 2005 18:50:05 GMT

I am trying to run the attributes compiler on Java 1.5 source files, and it 
doesn't like the generics syntax. In theory, since I'm using Java 1.5, I 
could use Java 1.5 attributes, but my purpose is to control Spring 
transactions, and Spring only supports Apache attributes. Besides, Apache 
attributes seem superior to Java 1.5 attributes, so I can imagine people 
sticking with them. (Simiarly, I use Log4j instead of the JFC logging 
interface.) Is there any way I can get commons-attributes to accept Java 1.5 
source files? Is this just a matter of hacking/replacing xjavadoc.jar?



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