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From Sébastien GALLET <>
Subject Re: [commons-validator] Validator outside of Struts
Date Thu, 17 Feb 2005 15:05:37 GMT

David Graham a écrit :

>The GenericValidator.isBlankOrNull(Object, Field) method does not exist.
>You need to provide a wrapper method for GenericValidator.isBlankOrNull
>and configure the wrapper in validator.xml.  Yes this is annoying and we
>have a proposal to make this easier in future versions.  Struts provides
>the FieldChecks.validateRequired() method as a wrapper with this
>public static boolean validateRequired(Object bean,
>    ValidatorAction va, Field field,
>    ActionMessages errors, HttpServletRequest request)
I've make a wrapper (based on Struts FieldChecks) and now everything 
works fine.

>BTW, your logging setup makes it very difficult to understand stack traces
>with the timestamp cluttering every line.
I agree with this ... I will change it soon

Thanks David and Eric.

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