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From "Jeffrey D. Brekke" <>
Subject Re: [VFS] ranged downloads?
Date Tue, 15 Feb 2005 16:01:31 GMT
Mario Ivankovits wrote:
> Jeffrey D. Brekke wrote:
>> Very interesting.  Some ftp servers do not support the REST command, 
>> would it seek from the beginning in those cases?
> No. I just "brew with wather" too ;-) The current solution requires a 
> REST-capable ftp server.
> Hmmm ... but maybe such a "fall-back" could be implemented ...
> I still have a problem: I am not able to abort a current transfer by 
> using the "ABOR" command - at least not with the ftp-server I currently 
> use.
> I always get a ftp-server message which states there is no current 
> transfer, but I currently read the file.
> Have you tried such thing? For now I go the hard way and 
> disconnect/reconnect if one reposition the filepointer - but for sure, 
> this is less elegant.

We've tried in the past with not such good results I remember but I 
think mostly because of the old VMS ftp server we were( are ) using.  If 
you get something committed, like some tests, I could try here...

Jeffrey D. Brekke                         
Wisconsin,  USA                           

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