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From ijorge <>
Subject [JXPATH] Prefix on jxpath sentence when read DOM
Date Mon, 14 Feb 2005 12:42:47 GMT
I´m a question about the behavior of jxpath when read DOM with a 
sentence without prefix. If I have this sentence:


This sentence don´t works because "example2" doesn´t have a prefix. My 
jxpath code is generated automatically and I don´t know the prefix when 
this code is generated.

I see these solutions:
1) not to change anything because prefix are necessary.
2) jxpath searches a empty prefix in the registered namespaces.
3) jxpath searches the default namespace in the ancestors.
4) 3) and 2).

I have changed the class 
java/org/apache/commons/jxpath/ri/axes/, the 
method getNodeIterator() and this change (solution 2) resolve my 
problem. I comment on this situation because I think current behavior 
should be changed.

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