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From Devask <>
Subject NET NNTP Problem with fetching some newsgroup articles
Date Fri, 11 Feb 2005 10:04:36 GMT

I tried to implement a kind of newsgroup client witch commons net. It 
works fine, but it also has some problems with special articles. An 
example is the article with Message-ID 
<de/comp-lang-java/faq/> in the newsgroup
(this is one of a weekly postet message). I try to save the recieved 
body of the Message, in a File, but after some time an error occurs: 400 
Idle timeout
When I open the file with MS Notepad there are some lines and then a 
huge line with the rest of the text. When I open it with Editor, it is 
displayed ok.
So I think it could be a problem with
This function uses readLine from a BufferedReader. Maybe this 
BufferedReader has problems with this encoding, especially the line 

I hope you can help me fetch these kind of articles, or fix this problem.

Thank you very much!!!


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