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From Mario Winterer <>
Subject Re: Project idea?
Date Sat, 05 Feb 2005 20:21:15 GMT
Install a FTP SSL/TLS server on the PCs! For jar-deployment use a 
ftp-client or write a simple ant-script that can do mass-updates.

Best regards,
  Tex schrieb:

>I'm thinking of a projects and I'm curious if anyone knows if this has
>been done or if it would be a good fit for this forum.
>I have customers that often have hundreds of unmanned PCs living outside
>their firewall. It would be very helpful to have a push distribution
>mechanism for distributing new jars and configuration files. Current
>mechanisms appear to be pull based and are not suitable for an unmanned
>environment. While a scheduling mechanism would be nice, an on-demand
>system would be required for my needs. I'd certainly see this as using
>certificated SSL on both sides as well. 
>It's hard to imagine that someone hasn't done this already but I've not
>come up with anything in my searches.

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