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From Martin Cooper <>
Subject Re: [fileUpload] [httpClient] CF file upload to Tomcat - sample code?
Date Sun, 27 Feb 2005 19:23:22 GMT
On Thu, 24 Feb 2005 08:54:55 -0500, Amon, Jennifer
<> wrote:
> Yes, how to post from CF to the Tomcat server is the first issue. I
> think we'll have to use httpClient to post. We can't use a form with a
> file field, because you can't dynamically set the file name.

I'm confused by this. If you use HttpClient, you'd be running on the
(ColdFusion?) server, uploading to another (Tomcat) server. If you use
"a form with a file field", you're talking about something that would
be posted by a browser to a (ColdFusion or Tomcat) server. Which are
you trying to do?

> Then, there will be a return of a file from the server as a result of
> what the server does with the xml file. I don't know how to handle that,
> either.

Again, I'm confused. If the file is coming back from a Tomcat server
to a ColdFusion server, then isn't this then a ColdFusion question?

You prefixed your subject line with [FileUpload], but none of what
you're asking appears to be related to FileUpload. Sorry if I'm
completely misunderstanding.

Martin Cooper

> Thanks,
>   Jennifer
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> From: Tim Reilly []
> Sent: Wednesday, February 23, 2005 11:50 PM
> To: Jakarta Commons Users List
> Subject: Re: [fileUpload] CF file upload to Tomcat - sample code?
> On Wed, 23 Feb 2005 14:13:17 -0500, Amon, Jennifer wrote:
> > We want a button click on a web page (ColdFusion/IIS/Win2K) to cause
> an
> > XML file to be generated and uploaded to a TomCat(unix) server, which
> > will use the xml to generate a pdf file to be sent back to the client,
> > where it will be saved in a temporary area on the web sever, and the
> > user will get back a link to the pdf.
> >
> > We can generate the xml, but don't know how to do the next piece. The
> > backend, on the TomCat server, is being written by a 3rd party, so I
> > don't have to worry about that piece.
> >
> Hi Jennifer,
> I'm not clear on what you mean by "next part" ... do you mean how to
> post the xml from CF to the Tomcat server?
> If so that's probably off-topic for commons-user list (but see cfhttp
> tag
> Or are you asking about how to recieve the file on the Tomcat server?
> Maybe this helps
> or maybe this
> article
> cle.html
> HTH,
> -TR
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