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From Simon Kitching <>
Subject Re: [VFS] test cases using embeded server - was Moving out the sandbox ?
Date Fri, 25 Feb 2005 01:04:53 GMT
On Thu, 2005-02-24 at 18:13 +0100, Ahmed Mohombe wrote:
>   > sftp
> > LGPL - though I dont know a bit about this library and dont know if I 
> > would have success with it. Again, if one knows another package ...
> I'm using sshtools and it's simply good.
> I'm using the client as well as the daemon. The client is much simpler 
> to use than the JCraft/JSync. I would even suggest to change VFS's Sftp 
> use of JSync to sshtools/j2ssh.

I've also used sshtools, but would *not* recommend using it, and
certainly not recommend migrating to it from any current package.

The sshtools project was originally released as open-source, but the
main developers/maintainers then essentially abandoned the open-source
version, and took the code private (see In particular, new
releases of the library that implements the ssh protocol can be found

The last cvs commit to the sshtools sourceforge project occurred on 26th
of November 2003 according to the "sshtools-cvs" mailing list on the
sourceforge site.

While the last open-source release is reasonably stable, there are still
bugs and missing pieces of functionality. I can't remember off-hand what
they are now, but I did use sshtools quite extensively on a project a
few years ago. It was, at the time, the best alternative but is
definitely neither complete nor maintained.

Please note that I don't mean any criticism of the 3sp (formerly
sshtools) coders. They have every right to sell their code if they want.
And they still *do* nicely release some code as open-source; just not
the base ssh protocol implementation.

In addition, the LGPL license is not currently regarded as being
compatible with the Apache ASF license; no LGPL code can be referenced
directly from any apache jakarta project.



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