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From "Lansing, Jeff" <>
Subject [JXPATH] No value for xpath with default namespace prefix
Date Mon, 28 Feb 2005 17:48:53 GMT
Commons-jxpath-1.2 does not seem to handle the default namespace prefix correctly.
>From the documentation:
XPath matches qualified names (QNames) based on the namespace URI, not on the prefix. Therefore
the XPath "//foo:bar" may not find a node named "foo:bar" if the prefix "foo" in the context
of the node and in the execution context of the XPath are mapped to different URIs. Conversely,
"//foo:bar" will find the node named "biz:bar", if "foo" in the execution context and "biz"
in the node context are mapped to the same URI.
The way to do this is evidently to register "foo", as in: JXPathContext.registerNamespace("foo",
"biz's namespace URI"). 
But this does not work for the prefix "", as in JXPathContext.registerNamespace("", "biz's
namespace URI").
JXPathContext.getValue("//bar") will throw  JXPathException: No value for xpath:  in this
A similar problem (or the same underlying problem) and a suggested fix was reported in
I have tried applying this fix, but it doesn't solve this problem.
I too have looked at the source code for JXpath, and I suspect the real problem may be a deficiency
in the parser grammar.

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