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From "Rajesh Singh" <>
Subject Regarding <j:remove> tag...
Date Sun, 27 Feb 2005 09:16:35 GMT
Hi Everybody,

I am facing a problem in jelly. I have tried to look on the net and I did
not get
any help on it. So I am mailing my problem on the mailing list.

During the execution process I am importing a jelly script in which some
are being set from a property file by using the tag <ant:property>. But
later in the
execution process I have to import some other jelly file from a different
but with the same file name as previously imported jelly file. As the
previous jelly
file sets some variable from the property file, these variables become the
variables and they cannot be assigned any other value. For assigning the
value I have to
first remove the variables from the environment context by using the tag
<j:remove> and then
load the same property from a different property file.

But the problem is there are many variables that are being set and for
removing each variable
I have to write the <j:remove> tag. Is there any way I can remove the
variables at one time
and I don't have to call <j:remove> for every variable?

Thanks for the help in advance.


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