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From Knut Wannheden <>
Subject Re: [JXPath] unordered node-sets
Date Wed, 26 Jan 2005 11:32:12 GMT

Dmitri Plotnikov <dmitri <at>> writes:

> @name is a reserved attribute name for Java Objects.  It in fact checks the 
> name of the property/key rather than the value of the property called 
> "name". I think it is equivalent to "[name() = 'Foo'].  This feature should 
> be deprecated, and I will try to do so in a future release.

Yes, I think name() is indeed equivalent and IMO preferable as it's more XPath
style and doesn't keep users from using @name to access an object's property
"name" (i.e. getName()).

In the JXPath based EMF search tool I've been working on
( I have now customized the JXPath axes as
I've previously outlined (child:: and thus also descendant:: only for EMF
containment references).  With this customization it is now very difficult to
write queries which access the getName() method of an object.  Instead of
"[@name = 'Foo']" I have to use something like "[string(@name) = 'Foo']".

Thus I'd be very much in favor of deprecating or even removing this feature. 
Meanwhile, how would I go about disabling this feature in my application?

BTW, should I report an enhancement request for this?



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