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From Middleton Jorge <>
Subject betwixt abstract collection
Date Mon, 17 Jan 2005 19:15:59 GMT

I have the following situations:

      <set el="ognl" expression="a+2" var="x"/>
	<break condition="a == 10"/>
          <set el="ognl" expression="a+2+a" var="y"/>

Sequence, Set, Break are all of type ContainerActivity and contains the
following code:

	protected List activities = new ArrayList();

	public List getActivityList() {
		return this.activities;

	public void addActivity(Activity activity) {

When I try to convert from xml to object I can't rebuild the graph of
objects correctily because betwixt doesn't recognize the list.
I've tried with derived clases but I couldn't resolve the problems. Somebody
can tell me what can I try to do..

Thanks in advance.

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