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From Oliver Zeigermann <>
Subject [transaction] Status
Date Sat, 08 Jan 2005 19:39:47 GMT

for anyone interested this is the current status report of commons transaction:

1.1 heading to beta1

Concerning my work the API extensions for 1.1 have been finished. Same
thing for new features like
- deadlock detection (hopefully, this was a major pain in the *ss)
- global transaction timeouts
- upgrade locks
- preference locks

There are much more extensive tests now including indirect deadlock,
upgrade, preference and hard stress tests to dig for concurrent
modifications or deadlocks. All tests succeed which does not mean
everything works, but cries for beta a release.

Influenced by recent discussions about version compatibilities in this
list made me introduce new interfaces for MultiLevelLock and
LockManager called MultiLevelLock2 and LockManager2. The old
interfaces remain untouched.

Javadocs have been finished as well, more conceptual docs are still
missing. This is a todo for the final 1.1.

1.0.1 maintenance release

A subtle bug has been introduced going from 1.0rc1 to final. It is a
tiny one, but was causing problems with Slide and JBoss. I will
prepare a maintenance release with just this bug fixed.

That's it for now and thanks for the attention,


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