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From robert burrell donkin <>
Subject Re: betwixt abstract collection
Date Wed, 19 Jan 2005 20:13:32 GMT
On 19 Jan 2005, at 12:47, Middleton Jorge wrote:

> No, betwixt can not find the adder. Look at this log:
> WARN  BeanReader.create: Could not create instance of type:  
> java.util.List
> WARN  BeanReader.create: Could not create instance of type:  
> java.util.List
> Sequence@288051[activities=[],context=
> <mailto: 
> Sequence@288051[activities=[],context=<null>,id=<null>,comment=<null
>> ,processElementFactory=<null>
> <null>,id=<null>,comment=<null>,processElementFactory=<null>]

the first step should be either to create a custom plural stemmer  
implementation (if you're mapping directly) or an explicit adder to the  
betwixt file (if you're using that).

> Also we tried with an implementations of ChainedBeanCreator but we can
> resolve the problem.
> It is posible to betwixt to manage mixed collection?? Can you give me  
> an
> example?

(as i explained a little earlier) support for mixed is incomplete. at  
the very least, you need to upgrade to CVS HEAD and then take a look at this  
document should indicate more or less where betwixt is up to at the  

better suppose for mixed collections is definitely something that's  
been wanted for a while now and your use case seems a particularly  
interesting (and a little challenging) one. if you'd be willing to  
create some good unit tests for the mapping which you'd be willing to  
donate to the ASF, i'd be willing to take a look about adding code to  
betwixt which would make the mapping work. if this sounds like a good  
deal, please add a bug report to bugzilla (attaching the unit tests)  
and then follow up on this list.

- robert

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