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From Briniest Mark <>
Subject lang.Validate
Date Thu, 20 Jan 2005 11:33:22 GMT
Please excuse me if I'm asking this in the wrong place, or in the wrong;
I've never really gotten involved in an OSS project before.

I'm interested in the Validate class, specifically
org.apache.commons.lang.Validate.  I really like it -- I like having a
consistent way to perform simple verifications.

What I'm wondering is, are there are any plans to increase the scope of
Validate's tests?  And if there aren't any such plans, would the
maintainers be open to someone else (me, for example) submitting patches
that expand the functionality of Validate?

I can think of quite a few tests that could be standardized by
Validate.  For example:
A regex matching test; Validate.matches(param, "[1-9][0-9]*");
A numerical range test; Validate.inRange(param, new IntRange(0, null));
A test for asserting a predicate over an array collection:
Validate.forAll(myList, myPredicate);
Even a simple nonNegative test for the integral and floating point
primitives would be great.

Anyway, any information or advice y'all can offer would be greatly

Mark Fairchild <>
Learn Lisp today!  Uncle Turing wants you!

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