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From Andreas Schildbach <>
Subject Re: Beta Release of FileUpload 1.1?
Date Sun, 16 Jan 2005 09:08:36 GMT
Dakota Jack wrote:

> Just out of curiosity, Andreas, since you have a choice in whether the
> request is a post or a get, what difference does this make?  Like I
> said, just curious what the problem is.

Well, I need/want my application to accept all unicode characters in a 
form input from the user. The application should be compatible to all 
modern browsers (IE 5.0 and up, all Gecko-based, Opera, ...).

It is my understanding that this is possible only with the 
multipart/form-data encoding, not with the default 
application/x-www-form-urlencoded encoding. Am I correct?

Finally, it is my understanding that I can only use multipart/form-data 
encoding together with the POST method, not with the GET method? Is this 



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