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From Christian Aust <>
Subject [betwixt] How can I dynamically suppress properties of classes?
Date Tue, 11 Jan 2005 10:37:42 GMT

bean->XML conversion works nicely now. So does hiding of properties in 
.betwixt files, but for certain conversions I need to be able to 
programatically hide individual properties of single classes (not 

I've tried my luck using custom type binding strategies, however this 
does not work since the method of TypeBindingStrategy

public BindingType bindingType(Class type)

is given just a Class information of one single parameter to decide 
whether it should be an element or an attribute. Additionally, 
conversions seems to stop if bindingType returns a null value. The 
documentation notes a class PropertySuppressionStrategy which seems to 
be the right one for this task, but it's only beta from CVS. What sould 
I do? Best regards,

-  Christian

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