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From Brant Boehmann <>
Subject Re: RE : [jelly] Jmeter sampler scripting
Date Fri, 07 Jan 2005 14:07:12 GMT
Have you checked out slamd. I won't claim to know anything about it, but 
some Sun engineers pointed me to it once.

Marc DEXET wrote:

>robert burrell donkin wrote:
>>On 6 Jan 2005, at 10:33, Marc DEXET wrote:
>>>Hi guys.
>>>The big new goal of my life for today is : create dynamic jmeter
>>>sampler, LDAP sampler indeed.
>>>I explain myself :
>>>I want to load test my LDAP directories (Yes, I have many
>>>directories, lucky man)
>>>BUT I want to avoid cache performance smoothing (I don't want to
>>>test cache performance, but random directory access)
>>>So my goal it's to generate n LDAP Sampler ( big n in my mind, about
>>>100) from scenarii BEFORE running test plan.
>>>One to get one entry, another to get an full branch and so on.
>>>THere's somebody here who have tried (and succed will not bad) to
>>>generate test plan with jelly and jmeter ?
>>sounds pretty cool. if there's not one available, i'd say it's a
>>worthwhile project (but not one i realistically have time to
>>participate in) and i'd like to encourage you to take it on and open
>>source the results.
>Ok. I keep list in touch.

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