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From Brant Boehmann <>
Subject [transaction] cluster
Date Thu, 06 Jan 2005 18:32:08 GMT
I am in a situation where we have a cluster of app servers.
A requirement has arrived  where writing/updating/deleting multiple 
files on a file system must occur atomically.
The disk is NFS mounted across all nodes in the cluster. Each node needs 
to be able to write to disk in order to achieve load balancing.

1) Can anyone comment on how to make the FileResourceManager safely 
coordinate with multiple JVMs all accessing the same directory ?

2) If #1 is possible, then it would surely be possible to write a JCA 
adapter so these disk writes could occur in a distributed transaction 
along with a DB write & JMS message publish.

Any thoughts?

Brant Boehmann
Software Engineer

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