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From Wade Chandler <>
Subject Re: daemon issue
Date Tue, 04 Jan 2005 06:06:35 GMT
Eric Renouf wrote:
> Hi all,
> I'm trying to write a Java Daemon which will listen for incoming connections and
> when it gets certain commands start up various threads or processes.  The
> problem that I'm having right now involves the spawned threads creating sockets.
> When running via jsvc as a daemon the main listening thread spawns a thread to
> handle each connection.  That thread is able to create a new Socket(host, port)
> with no problem (just added for testing purposes).  That thread the processes
> the command and, in some cases, spawns a new thread that uses the HttpClient
> package to retrieve a web page, but that failes with a
> connection failed.  If I just try to do the same Socket(host, port) as the
> listening thread does that also fails.
> Also if I run the whole thing by hand, not as a Daemon everything seems to work
> just fine.
> Can anyone help point out something that I could be overlooking, because I'm not
> sure what else to try as far as tracking this down goes.
> Thanks,
> Eric
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Do you have any logging to see if your process is actually binding to 
the server port fine?  Maybe log that, and in the main setup code try to 
make a socket connection to test your server before you continue on and 
debug that section of code.


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