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From Michael Schuerig <>
Subject Re: [digester] Can rules be re-used?
Date Mon, 17 Jan 2005 20:45:51 GMT
On Monday 17 January 2005 20:39, Craig McClanahan wrote:
> > Too bad. I had tried the same trick as Hubert did. What, then, is
> > the proper way to cache sets of rules? I'd like to avoid reloading
> > them from an XML configuration file multiple times.
> You can reuse the same Digester instance, as long as you do this on
> only a single thread at a time.  If you need to parse on multiple
> threads, you could create a pool of identically configured Digester
> instances, and check them in and out.

I see, but how do I get several identically configured Digester 
instances without reading their XML configuration more than once? Is 
there something intermediate and reusable that I can use to configure 
the digesters?


Michael Schuerig                           The more it stays the same,                        The less it changes!      --Spinal Tap, The Majesty of Rock

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