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From Randy Phillips <>
Subject Re: [CONFIGURATION] questions
Date Sun, 02 Jan 2005 20:18:28 GMT

The text of page (or set of pages) is supported via a
properties file. Each language supported is
represented  via it's own properties file.
As an example... 
I have two pages named page1 and page2. I support 3
languages, Canadian English, Canadian French and

I support these pages and their respective languages
using three properites files:, and as well as, and

Within these files the "Welcome" title would look like

welcome.title=Welcome to the Application!

welcome.title=Bienvenue ŕ l'application!

welcome.title=Recepción al uso!

So based on the users selected Locale (i.e. English,
French or Spanish) the appropriate properties file is
referenced and the value of "welcome.title" is
displayed in the appropriate language.

Although I haven't delved deeply into the issue, at
this point the only  alternative I see is to create
multiple Configuration objects, each on representing a
particular Locale.

However, I'm not convinced this is the best solution. 

Again, I appreciate any insight you can provide to my

Randy Phillips.

 --- Emmanuel Bourg <> wrote: 
> Hello, what do you mean exactly by handling i18n ?
> Can you give us your 
> use case ?
> Emmanuel Bourg
> Randy Phillips wrote:
> > Hey Folks,
> > I was wondering how (if) the configuration project
> > handles i18n.
> > I have a heavily internationized app that would
> > benefit greatly from the "configuration" approach.
> I
> > haven't, however, been able to determine if such
> > support exist's within the configuration project.
> > 
> > Any insight would be appreciated.
> > 
> > Randy Phillips.
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