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From Ryan Harris <>
Subject commons-daemon - JSVC and Kaffe
Date Mon, 03 Jan 2005 04:48:19 GMT
I'm running tomcat 5.54 on the "free" kaffe vm instead of Sun's JDK.
When I start tomcat with the script as root, everything runs
perfectly. However I'm having trouble launching the process with JSVC.
Does anybody know if JSVC can be made to work with java VMs other than
Jsvc debug output says it cannot find the file  jvm.cfg, and also the
actual vm file library names from the sun jdk appear to be hard-coded
into the jsvc source because they cannot be found in the kaffe vm as
If anyone has any helpful information, I would be most grateful.
It is disappointing that Tomcat 5.5.4 runs perfectly on Kaffe only to be
stopped by limitations in the commons-daemon...  Perhaps there is
another way to run tomcat 5.54 on port 80 as an unprivileged user in

thank you, Ryan Harris

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