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From Craig McClanahan <>
Subject Re: [digester] Problems with Custom Rules
Date Wed, 22 Dec 2004 16:04:09 GMT
On Wed, 22 Dec 2004 10:49:00 -0500, Jason Vinson
<> wrote:
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> Hi Carey,
> I implemented it by hand because the object type is determined at
> parse time by the "type" attribute of the entity node.  I am open to
> suggestions of how to approach this more elegantly, since this is the
> first situation I have run into that seems to warrant custom rules for
> pushing objects.

The standard ObjectCreateRule allows you to specify the implementation
class of the object to create with a "classType" attribute. 
Alternatively, you might investigate using FactoryCreateRule, which
can do pretty much anything you like to decide what kind of object
should be created and pushed on to the stack.

> The other Rule seems to work great though...
> As for the addSetNext, I was under the impression that it will pop the
> top of the stack and call the function specified ("add" in this case)
> on the object below it (Which is the ArrayList from the first rule).
> Am I wrong in assuming that?

SetNextRule doesn't actually pop the stack.  What it does is call a
method on the NEXT to top object on the stack (which is where the
"next" part of the name came from), passing the top object on the
stack as an argument.  Therefore, you'll want to set up your rules so
that the list is pushed first, then each object you want added to the
list would be pushed second.

The actual popping of the stack doesn't happen until the "end of rule"
processing for ObjectCreateRule or FactoryCreateRule.

> Jason


> Nation, Carey wrote:
> | Hi Jason, I haven't done it like that with custom rules and pushing
> | things myself, but doesn't AddSetNext want to have instantiated
> | something itself?  Or actually, doesn't it want a rule about
> | creating the object instance?  I see you're doing that by hand in
> | your code, but I wonder if that's what's confusing things?
> |
> | Carey
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