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From Dakota Jack <>
Subject Re: [fileupload] jsp mime type
Date Wed, 22 Dec 2004 05:11:54 GMT
File types, of which there are thousands (see infra), have protocols,
of course, which can be checked to determine whether they are real,
fakes, ill constructed, etc.  If you check the list archives you will
see some references to work at Harvard and other places on this.  You
can always check the file as it is being uploaded, and there are other
more sophisticated but rather obvious options.

"You can lead a horse to water but you cannot make it float on its back."

~Dakota Jack~

"You can't wake a person who is pretending to be asleep."

~Native Proverb~

"Each man is good in His sight. It is not necessary for eagles to be crows."

~Hunkesni (Sitting Bull), Hunkpapa Sioux~


"This message may contain confidential and/or privileged information.
If you are not the addressee or authorized to receive this for the
addressee, you must not use, copy, disclose, or take any action based
on this message or any information herein. If you have received this
message in error, please advise the sender immediately by reply e-mail
and delete this message. Thank you for your cooperation."

$$$ ------ (Used by OS/2 to keep track of archived files)
123 ------ (Lotus 123 97 file)
12m ------ (Lotus 123 97 Smartmaster file)
2gr ------ (and 3GR=VGA Graphics driver/configuration files under Windows)
386 ------ (A file for use in an 80386 or higher microprocessor)
3dm ------ (3D NURBS modeler, Rhino)
3ds ------ (A file in 3D Studio (for DOS) format)
4ge ------ (Informix 4GL compiled code)
4gl ------ (Informix 4GL source code)
669 ------ (669 tracker module)
@@@ ------ (Screen files used in the installation and instruction on
use of such applications as Microsoft Codeview for C)
a ------ (Object code library)
a3m ------ (unpackaged Authorware MacIntosh file)
a3w ------ (unpackaged Authorware windows file)
a4m ------ (unpackaged Authorware MacIntosh file)
a4p ------ (Authorware file packaged without runtime)
a4w ------ (unpackaged Authorware windows file)
a5w ------ (unpackaged Authorware windows file)
aam ------ (Authorware shocked file)
aas ------ (Authorware shocked packet)
abf ------ (Adobe Binary Screen Font)
abk ------ (Corel Draw AutoBackup)
ace ------ (Compression file format associated with a program called
The Ace Archiver)
acl ------ (Corel Draw 6 keyboard accelerator)
acm ------ (Used by Windows in the system directory)
acp ------ (Microsoft Office Assistant Preview file)
acr ------ (American College of Radiology file format)
act ------ (Microsoft Office Assistant Actor file)
acv ------ (OS/2 drivers that compress and decompress audio data)
ad ------ (After Dark screensaver)
ada ------ (Ada source text (non-GNAT))
adb ------ (Appointment database used by HP 100LX organizer)
add ------ (OS/2 adapter drivers used in the boot process)
adf ------ (Amiga Disk File)
adi ------ (AutoCAD Device-Independent binary plotter format)
adm ------ (After Dark MultiModule screensaver)
adp ------ (Astound Dynamite file)
adr ------ (After Dark Randomizer screensaver)
ads ------ (Ada source text specification (GNAT))
af2 ------ (ABC Flowchart file)
af3 ------ (ABC Flowchart file)
afm ------ (Adobe font metrics)
ai ------ (Adobe Illustrator drawing)
aif, ------ (AIFF=Audio Interchange File, a sound format used by
Silicon Graphics and Macintosh applications)
aifc ------ (Similar to AIF (compressed))
aiff ------ (Similar to AIF)
aim ------ (AOL Instant Messenger Launch)
ais ------ (Velvet Studio Instruments)
akw ------ (Contains all A-keywords in the RoboHELP Help project Index
Designer not associated with topics)
alaw ------ (European telephony format audio)
alb ------ (JASC Image Commander album)
all ------ (Arts & Letters Library)
ams ------ (Extremes Tracker module format)
anc ------ (Canon Computer Pattern Maker file that is a selectable
list of pattern colors)
ani ------ (Animated cursor in a Microsoft Windows system)
ans ------ (ANSI text)
ant ------ (saved game file in the original SimAnt for Windows)
api ------ (Application Program Interface file; used by Adobe Acrobat)
apr ------ (Lotus Approach 97 file)
aps ------ (Microsoft Visual C++ file)
arc ------ (LH ARC (old version) compressed archive)
ari ------ (Aristotle audio file)
arj ------ (Robert Jung ARJ compressed archive)
art ------ (Used by AOL to designate files compressed using the
Johson-Grace compreession algorithm)
asa ------ (Microsoft Visual InterDev file)
asc ------ (PGP armored encrypted file)
asd ------ (Microsoft Advanced Streaming Format (ASF) description
file; opens with NSREX)
ase ------ (Velvet Studio sample)
asf ------ (Microsoft Advanced Streaming Format file)
asm ------ (Assembler language source file)
aso ------ (Astound Dynamite Objects)
asp ------ (Astound Presentation file)
ast ------ (Claris Works assistant file)
asv ------ (DataCAD Autosave file)
asx ------ (Video file)
att ------ (AT&T Group 4 bitmap)
au ------ (Audio U-law (pronounced mu-law) file format)
avb ------ (Inculan Anti-Virus virus infected file)
avi ------ (Microsoft Audio Video Interleaved file format for Windows movie)
avr ------ (Audio Visual Research file format)
avs ------ (Application Visualization System format)
awd ------ (FaxView document)
awr ------ (Telsis file extension format for digitally stored audio.)
axx ------ (ARJ compressed files from a multi-volume archive (xx = a
number from 01 to 99))
b4 ------ (Helix Nuts and Bolts file)
bak ------ (Backup file)
bas ------ (BASIC code)
bat ------ (Batch file)
bdf ------ (extention for a program called West Point Bridge Designer)
bfc ------ (Windows 95 Briefcase document)
bg ------ (Backgammon for Windows game)
bgl ------ (from Microsoft concerning scenery files from the well
known Flight Simulator)
bi ------ (Binary file)
bif ------ (GroupWise initialization file)
biff ------ (XLITE 3D file format)
bin ------ (Binary file)
bk ------ (and BK$=Sometimes used to denote backup versions)
bks ------ (An IBM BookManager Read bookshelf)
bm1 ------ (Apogee BioMenace data file)
bmk ------ (A bookmark file)
bmp ------ (Windows or OS/2 bitmap)
book ------ (Adobe FrameMaker Book)
box ------ (A mailbox in Notes)
bpl ------ (Borland Delphi 4 packed library)
bqy ------ (BrioQuery file)
brx ------ (A file for browsing an index of multimedia options)
bs1 ------ (Apogee Blake Stone data file)
bs_ ------ (Microsoft Bookshelf Find Menu shell extension)
bsc ------ (MS Developer Studio (MSDev) browser informatio file)
bsp ------ (Quake map)
btm ------ (Batch file used by Norton Utilities)
bud ------ (Backup disk for Quicken)
bun ------ (CakeWalk Audio Bundle file (a MIDI program))
bw ------ (SGI Black and White image file)
byu ------ (A file in a Movie BYU format)
c ------ (C code)
c01 ------ (Typhoon wave files)
cab ------ (Microsoft cabinet file (program files compressed for
software distribution))
cad ------ (used by the drafting program Drafix Cad>by Softdesk)
cal ------ (Calendar schedule data)
cam ------ (Casio camera format)
cap ------ (Compressed music file format)
cas ------ (Comma-delimited ASCII file)
cat ------ (IntelliCharge categorization file used by Quicken)
cb ------ (Microsoft clean boot file)
cbi ------ (Column binary formatted file (used in IBM mainframe systems))
cca ------ (cc:mail)
ccb ------ (Visual Basic Animated Button configuration)
ccf ------ (Multimedia Viewer configuration file used in OS/2)
cch ------ (Corel Chart)
ccm ------ (Lotus CC:Mail box (for example, INBOX.CCM))
cco ------ (CyberChat data file)
cct ------ (Macromedia Director Shockwave cast)
cda ------ (CD Audio Track)
cdf ------ (Microsoft Channel Definition Format file)
cdi ------ (Phillips Compact Disk Interactive format)
cdr ------ (Raw Audio-CD data)
cdt ------ (Corel Draw template)
cdx ------ (Microsofts Visual Foxpro Index)
cel ------ (CIMFast Event Language file)
cer ------ (Certificate file (MIME x-x509-ca-cert))
cfb ------ (Comptons Multimedia file)
cfg ------ (Configuration file)
cfm ------ (Cold Fusion template files)
cgi ------ (Common Gateway Interface script file)
cgm ------ (Computer Graphics Metafile)
ch ------ (OS/2 configuration file)
chk ------ (File fragments saved by Windows Disk Defragmenter or ScanDisk)
chm ------ (Compiled HTML file)
chp ------ (Ventura Publisher chapter)
chr ------ (Character Sets (Font files))
cht ------ (Harvard Graphics vector file)
cil ------ (Clip Gallery download package)
cim ------ (Sim City 200 file)
cin ------ (OS/2 change control file that tracks changes to an INI file)
ck1 ------ (iD/Apogee Commander Keen 1 data file)
ck2 ------ (iD/Apogee Commander Keen 2 data file)
ck3 ------ (iD/Apogee Commander Keen 3 data file)
ck4 ------ (iD/Apogee Commander Keen 4 data file)
ck5 ------ (iD/Apogee Commander Keen 5 data file)
ck6 ------ (iD/Apogee Commander Keen 6 data file)
class ------ (Java class)
cll ------ (Crick Software Clicker File)
clp ------ (Windows Clipboard file)
cls ------ (Visual Basic Class Module)
cmd ------ (dBase-II program file)
cmf ------ (Corel Metafile)
cmp ------ (Address document)
cmv ------ (Corel Move animation)
cmx ------ (Corel Presentation Exchange image)
cnf ------ (Configuration file used by Telnet, Windows, and other
applications with varying internal formats)
cnm ------ (Windows application menu options and setup file)
cnq ------ (Compuworks Design Shop file)
cnt ------ (Windows (or other) system content files for the help index
and other purposes)
cob ------ (trueSpace2 object)
cod ------ (Microsoft C compiler output as displayable machine
language/assembler with original C as comments)
com ------ (Command file (program))
cpd ------ (Fax Cover document)
cpe ------ (Fax Cover document)
cpi ------ (Microsoft MS-DOS code page information file)
cpl ------ (Corel colour palette)
cpo ------ (Corel Print House file)
cpp ------ (C++ code)
cpr ------ (Corel Presents Presentation)
cpt ------ (Corel Photo-Paint image)
cpx ------ (Corel Presentation Exchange Compressed drawing)
crd ------ (Cardfile file)
crp ------ (Corel Presents Run-Time Presentation)
crt ------ (Certificate file)
csc ------ (Corel Script)
csp ------ (PC Emcee On-Screen image)
css ------ (Cascading Style Sheet file (MIME))
cst ------ (Macromedia Director Cast (resource) file)
csv ------ (Comma-separated values file)
ct ------ (A graphic file associated with the Paint Shop Pro Graphic Editor)
ctl ------ (Used in general to mean a file containing control
information. FAXWorks uses it to keep information about each fax sent
and received.)
cue ------ (Microsoft Cue Cards data)
cur ------ (Windows Cursor)
cut ------ (Dr Halo bitmap)
cv ------ (Microsoft CodeView information screen)
cwk ------ (Claris Works data file)
cws ------ (Claris Works template)
cxt ------ (Macromedia Director protected (not editable) Cast (resource) file)
cxx ------ (C++ source code file)
dat ------ (Extension used for some MPEG formats)
db ------ (Borderlands Paradox 7 tables)
dbc ------ (Microsofts Visual Foxpro Database container)
dbf ------ (Aston-Tate dBASE database)
dbx ------ (Microsofts Visual Foxpro Table)
dc5 ------ (DataCAD Drawing files)
dcm ------ (DCM modle format)
dcr ------ (Shockwave file)
dcs ------ (Desktop Color Separation file)
dct ------ (Microsofts Visual Foxpro Database container)
dcu ------ (Delphi compiled unit file)
dcx ------ (Macros)
ddf ------ (BTRIEVE database)
ddif ------ (Digital Equipment or Compaq format. Used for storing
images and their word processing documents)
def ------ (C++ Definition)
defi ------ (Oracle 7 de-install script)
dem ------ (A file with USGS standards for Digital Elevation Models)
der ------ (Certificate file)
dewf ------ (Macintosh SoundCap/SoundEdit recorded instrument format)
dgn ------ (Microstation95 CAD drawing file)
dib ------ (Device-Independent Bitmap)
dic ------ (Dictionary)
dif ------ (Data Interchange Format spreadsheet)
dig ------ (Sound Designer I audio file)
dir ------ (Macromedia Director file)
diz ------ (Description file)
dlg ------ (C++ Dialogue Script)
dll ------ (Dynamic-Link Library)
dls ------ (DownLoadable Sound)
dmf ------ (X-Trakker music module (MOD) file)
doc ------ (A DisplayWrite document)
dot ------ (Microsoft Word document Template)
dpl ------ (Borland Delphi 3 packed library)
dpr ------ (Borland Delphi project header file)
draw ------ (Acorns object-based vector image file)
drv ------ (Driver)
drw ------ (Micrografx Designer/Draw)
dsf ------ (Micrografx Designer v7.x)
dsg ------ (DooM saved game)
dsm ------ (Dynamic Studio music module (MOD) file)
dsp ------ (Microsoft Developer Studio project)
dsq ------ (Corel QUERY file)
dst ------ (Embroidery machines graphics file)
dsw ------ (Microsoft Developer Studio workspace)
dtd ------ (SGML Document Type Definition (DTD) file)
dted ------ (Digital terrain elevation data (geographic data format))
dtf ------ (Symantec Q&A relational database data file)
dtm ------ (DigiTrakker module)
dun ------ (Microsoft Dial-up Networking Export file)
dv ------ (Digital video file (MIME))
dwd ------ (DiamondWare digitized file)
dwg ------ (AutoCAD drawing, or older Generic CADD drawing format)
dxf ------ (Data Exchange File)
dxr ------ (Macromedia Director protected (not editable) movie file)
eda ------ (Ensoniq ASR disk image)
edd ------ (Element Definition Document (FrameMaker+SGML documents))
ede ------ (Ensoniq EPS disk image)
edk ------ (Ensoniq KT disk image)
edq ------ (Ensoniq SQ1/SQ2/KS32 disk image)
eds ------ (Ensoniq SQ80 disk image)
edv ------ (Ensoniq VFX-SD disk image)
efa ------ (Ensoniq ASR file)
efe ------ (Ensoniq EPS file)
efk ------ (Ensoniq KT file)
efq ------ (Ensoniq SQ1/SQ2/KS32 file)
efs ------ (Ensoniq SQ80 file)
efv ------ (Ensoniq VFX-SD file)
emd ------ (ABT Extended MoDule)
emf ------ (Enhanced Windows Metafile)
eml ------ (Microsoft Outlook Express mail message (MIME RFC 822))
enc ------ (Encore file)
enff ------ (Neutral File Format extension)
ephtml ------ (Enhanced Perl-parsed HTML)
eps ------ (Encapsulated PostScript image)
epsf ------ (Encapsulated PostScript Files)
er1 ------ (ERWin file)
err ------ (Stores the error messages that result when the RoboHELP
Help Compiler attempts to compile the source files of a Help system)
erx ------ (ERWin file)
esps ------ (ESPS audio files)
eui ------ (Ensoniq ESP family compacted disk image)
evy ------ (Envoy document)
ewl ------ (Microsoft Encarta document)
exc ------ (Microsoft Word Exclusion Dictionary)
exe ------ (Executable file (program))
f ------ (FORTRAN file)
f2r ------ (Farandoyle linear module format)
f3r ------ (Farandoyle blocked linear module format)
f77 ------ (FORTRAN file)
f90 ------ (FORTRAN file)
far ------ (Farandole Composer music module (MOD) file)
fav ------ (Microsoft Outlook navigation bar)
fax ------ (FAX Type image)
fbk ------ (Navison Financials Backup)
fcd ------ (Virtual CDROM)
fdb ------ (Navison Financials Database)
fdf ------ (Adobe Acrobat Forms Document file)
fem ------ (CADRE Finite Element Mesh file)
ffa ------ (MS fast find file)
fff ------ (GUS PnP bank file format)
ffl ------ (MS fast find file)
ffo ------ (MS fast find file)
fft ------ (Final Form Text (part of IBMs DCA))
ffx ------ (MS fast find file)
fh3 ------ (Aldus Freehand 3 drawing)
fif ------ (Fractal image file)
fig ------ (A file format used by REND386/AVRIL)
fits ------ (Flexible Image Transport System)
fla ------ (Macromidia Flash movie)
flc ------ (AutoDesk FLIC animation)
flf ------ (An OS/2 driver file)
fli ------ (AutoDesk FLIC animation)
flt ------ (A file format use in MulitGen Incs Open Flight)
fm ------ (Adobe FrameMaker Document)
fmb ------ (Oracle binary source code for form, version 4.0 and later)
fml ------ (File Mirror List (GetRight))
fmt ------ (Microsoft Schedule+ print file)
fmx ------ (Oracle executable form, version 4.0 and later)
fnd ------ (Microsoft Explorer Saved Search file (Find applet))
fng ------ (Font group file (Font Navigator))
fnk ------ (FunkTracker module format)
fog ------ (Fontographer font)
fon ------ (System font)
for ------ (FORTRAN file)
fot ------ (Font-related file)
fp ------ (FileMaker Pro file)
fp1 ------ (Flying Pigs for Windows data file)
fp3 ------ (FileMaker Pro file)
fpt ------ (Microsoft FoxPro memo fields)
fpx ------ (FlashPix bitmap)
frm ------ (Datacad Symbol Report file)
frt ------ (Mirosoft FoxPro report file)
frx ------ (Microsoft FoxPro report file)
fsf ------ (fPrint Audit Tool file format)
fsl ------ (Corel Paradox Saved form)
fsm ------ (Farandoyle Sample format)
ft ------ (Lotus Notes Full Text index)
ftg ------ (Full-text Search Group file resulting from using Find in
the Windows Help system. Can be erased; will be rebuilt when needed.)
fts ------ (Full-Text Search index file resulting from using Find in
the Windows help system)
fw2 ------ (Framework II)
fw3 ------ (Framework III file)
fw4 ------ (Framework IV file)
fxp ------ (Microsoft FoxPro compiled source file)
fzb ------ (Casio FZ-1 Bank dump)
fzf ------ (Casio FZ-1 Full dump)
fzv ------ (Casio FZ-1 Voice dump)
g721 ------ (Raw CCITT G.721 $bit ADPCM format data)
g723 ------ (Raw CCITT G.723 3 or 5bit ADPCM format data)
gal ------ (Corel Multimedia Manager album)
gcd ------ (Generic (TM) CADD drawing (later versions))
gcp ------ (Ground Control Point file used in image processing of
remote sensing data often to form map projections. CHIPS (CopenHagen
Image Processing System) uses these files.)
gdb ------ (InterBase database file)
gdm ------ (Bells, whistles, and sound boards module format)
ged ------ (Graphic Environment Document (drawing))
gem ------ (GEM metafile)
gen ------ (Ventura-Generated text file)
getright ------ (GetRight Unfinished-Download file)
gfc ------ (Patton&Patton Flowcharting 4 flowchart file)
gfi ------ (Genigraphics Graphics Link presentation)
gfx ------ (Genigraphics Graphics Link presentation)
gho ------ (Symantic Ghost Image File)
gid ------ (Windows 95 global index file (containing help status))
gif ------ (CompuServe bitmap)
gim ------ (Genigraphics Graphics Link presentation)
gix ------ (Genigraphics Graphics Link presentation)
gkh ------ (Ensoniq EPS family disk image file)
gks ------ (Gravis GripKey document)
gl ------ (An animation format)
gna ------ (Genigraphics Graphics Link presentation)
gnt ------ (Generated Code, an executable code in a Micro Focus
proprietary format)
gnx ------ (Genigraphics Graphics Link presentation)
gra ------ (Microsoft Graph)
grd ------ (Grid file, used in image processing of remote sensing data
often to form map projections. CHIPS (CopenHagen Image Processing
System) uses these files)
grf ------ (Grapher (Golden Software) graph file)
grp ------ (Program Manager Group)
gsm ------ (US Robotics voice modums GSM w. header/QuickLink)
gt2 ------ (Graoumftracker (new) music module (MOD) file)
gtk ------ (Graoumftracker (old) music module (MOD) file)
gwx ------ (Genigraphics Graphics Link presentation)
gwz ------ (Genigraphics Graphics Link presentation)
gz ------ (Unix Gzip compressed file)
h ------ (C program header)
hcom ------ (Sound Tools HCOM format)
hdf ------ (A file in Hierarchical Data Format)
hed ------ (HighEdit document)
hel ------ (Microsoft Hellbender saved game)
hex ------ (Macintosh BinHex 2.0 file)
hgl ------ (HP Graphics Language drawing)
hh ------ (Map file. Contains topic IDs and map numbers for each of
the topics in a Help system. Allows the running application to send
the user the appropriate context-sensitive help topic)
hlp ------ (DataCAD Windows Help file)
hog ------ (Lucas Arts Dark Forces WAD file)
hpj ------ (Visual Basic Help Project)
hpp ------ (C++ program header)
hqx ------ (Macintosh BinHex 4.0 file)
hst ------ (History file)
ht ------ (HyperTerminal)
htm ------ (Hypertext document)
html ------ (Hypertext document)
htt ------ (Microsoft Hypertext Template)
htx ------ (Extended HTML template)
hxm ------ (Descent2 HAM file extension)
ica ------ (Citrix file)
icb ------ (Targa bitmap)
icc ------ (Kodak printer format)
icl ------ (Icon Library file (an industry standard))
icm ------ (Image Color Matching profile file)
ico ------ (Windows Icon)
idb ------ (MSDev intermediate file)
idd ------ (MIDI Instrument Definition)
idf ------ (MIDI Instrument Definition (Windows 95 required file))
idq ------ (Internet Data Query file)
idx ------ (Microsoft Outlook Express file)
iff ------ (Interchange Format Files, Amiga ILBM)
iges ------ (Initial Graphics Exchange Specification file)
igf ------ (Inset Systems metafile)
iif ------ (QuickBooks for Windows interchange file)
ilbm ------ (A bitmap (graphic image) file)
ima ------ (WinImage file)
img ------ (GEM image)
inc ------ (Assembler language or Active Server include file)
inf ------ (Information file)
ini ------ (Gravis UltraSound bank setup)
inp ------ (Oracle source code for form, version 3.0 and earlier)
inrs ------ (INRS-Telecommunications audio)
ins ------ (Sample Cell/II MAC/PC instruments)
int ------ (Intermediate Code, an executable code produced when a
source program is syntax-checked)
iof ------ (Findit document)
iqy ------ (Microsoft Internet Inquiry file)
iso ------ (Lists the files on a CD-ROM; based on the ISO 9660 CD-ROM
file system standard)
isp ------ (X-Internet sign-up file)
ist ------ (Digitaltracker instrument file)
isu ------ (InstallShield uninstall script)
it ------ (Impulse Tracker music module (MOD) file)
iti ------ (Impulse Tracker instrument)
its ------ (Internet document set (possibly a Microsoft file))
iv ------ (A file format use in Open Inventor)
iw ------ (Idlewild screensaver)
j62 ------ (Ricoh camera format)
jar ------ (Java ARchive file (a compressed file for applets and related files))
java ------ (Java source code)
jbf ------ (Paint Shop Pro image browser file)
jff ------ (JPEG file)
jfif ------ (JPEG file)
jif ------ (JPEG file)
jmp ------ (SAS JMPDiscovery chart-to-statistics file)
jn1 ------ (Epic MegaGames Jill of the Jungle data file)
jpe ------ (JPEG file)
jpeg ------ (JPEG compressed bitmap)
jpg ------ (JPEG bitmap)
js ------ (JavaScript source code)
jsp ------ (A HTML page containing a reference to a Java servlet)
jtf ------ (JPEG bitmap)
k25 ------ (Kurzweil 2500 sample)
kar ------ (Karaoke MIDI file (text+MIDI))
kdc ------ (Kodak Photo-Enhancer)
key ------ (DataCAD Icon toolbar file)
kfx ------ (KoFax Group 4 image)
kiz ------ (Kodak digital postcard files)
kkw ------ (Contains all K-keywords in the RoboHELP Help project Index
Designer not associated with topics)
kmp ------ (Korg Trinity KeyMaP file)
kqp ------ (Konica camera native files)
kr1 ------ (Kurzweil 2000 sample (multi-floppy))
krz ------ (Kurzweil 2000 sample)
ksf ------ (Korg Trinity Sample File)
kye ------ (Kye game data)
lbm ------ (Deluxe Paint bitmap)
lbt ------ (Microsoft FoxPro labels)
lbx ------ (Microsoft FoxPro labels)
ldb ------ (Microsoft Access lock file)
ldl ------ (Corel Paradox Delivered library)
leg ------ (Legacy document)
les ------ (Logitech Entertainment system game profiles (same as REG file))
lft ------ (3D Studio (DOS) loft file)
lha ------ (Alternate file suffix for LZH)
lib ------ (Library)
lin ------ (DataCAD Line type file)
lis ------ (Output file produced by a Structured Query Reporting (SQR) program)
llx ------ (Laplink Exchange Agent)
lnk ------ (Windows shortcut file)
log ------ (Log file)
lpd ------ (Helix Nuts and Bolts file)
lrc ------ (Intel Video Phone file)
lsl ------ (Corel Paradox Saved library)
lsp ------ (AutoLISP, CommonLISP, and othe LISP language files)
lst ------ (List file)
lu ------ (ThoughtWing Library Unit file)
lvl ------ (Parallax Softwares Miner Descent/D2 Level Extension)
lwlo ------ (Lightwave Layered Object file)
lwob ------ (Lightwave Object file)
lwp ------ (Lotus Wordpro 96/97 file)
lwsc ------ (Lightwave Scene file)
lyr ------ (DataCAD Layer file)
lzh ------ (LH ARC compressed archive)
lzs ------ (Skyroads data file)
m1v ------ (MPEG-related file (MIME type mpeg))
m3d ------ (Corel Motion 3D animation)
m3u ------ (MPEG URL (MIME audio file))
mac ------ (MacPaint image)
mad ------ (Microsoft Access module)
maf ------ (Microsoft Access Form)
mag ------ (A graphics file format found in some Japanese files)
magic ------ (Magic Mail Monitor configuration file)
mak ------ (Visual Basic or MS Visual C++ Project)
mam ------ (Microsoft Access Macro)
man ------ (Unix Manual page output)
map ------ (Duke Nukem 3D WAD game file)
maq ------ (Microsoft Access Query)
mar ------ (Microsoft Access Report)
mas ------ (Lotus Freelance Graphics Smartmaster file)
mat ------ (Microsoft Access Table)
maud ------ (MAUD sample format)
max ------ (OrCAD layout file)
maz ------ (A file format use by Divisions dVS/dVISE)
mb1 ------ (Apogee Monster Bash data file)
mbox ------ (Berkeley Unix mailbox format)
mbx ------ (Extension Microsoft Outlook adds to saved email, Eudora mailboxes)
mcc ------ (Dialer10 calling card)
mcr ------ (DataCAD Keyboard macro file)
mcw ------ (Microsoft Word for Macintosh document)
mda ------ (Microsoft Access workgroup for version 2)
mdb ------ (Microsoft Access database)
mde ------ (Microsoft Access MDE file)
mdl ------ (Quake model file)
mdn ------ (Microsoft Access blank database template)
mdw ------ (Microsoft Access Workgroup)
mdz ------ (Microsoft Access wizard template)
med ------ (Music Editor, OctaMED music module (MOD) file)
mer ------ (Format for interchanging spreadsheet/database data;
recognized by Filemaker, Excel, and others)
met ------ (Presentation Manager metafile)
mgf ------ (A file in a Materials and Geometry Format)
mhtm ------ (MHTML document (MIME))
mhtml ------ (MHTML document (MIME))
mi ------ (Miscellaneous)
mic ------ (Microsoft Image Composer file)
mid ------ (MIDI music)
mif ------ (Adobe FrameMaker Interchange Format)
miff ------ (Machine Independent Format File)
mim ------ (A multipart file in the Multi-Purpose Internet Mail
Extensions (MIME) format; often created as the result of sending
e-mail with attachments in AOL. The files in a multipart MIM file can
be opened (unarchived and separated into individual files) using
Winzip or a similar program.)
mime ------ (See MIM.)
mli ------ (A file in 3D Studios Material-Library format)
mme ------ (A multipart file in the Multi-Purpose Internet Mail
Extensions (MIME) format; often created as the result of sending
e-mail with attachments in AOL. The files in a multipart MME file can
be opened (unarchived and separated into individual files) using
Winzip or a similar program.)
mmf ------ (Microsoft Mail File)
mmm ------ (Microsoft Multimedia Movie)
mmp ------ (Mindmapor MindManager file)
mn2 ------ (Descent2 Mission File)
mnd, ------ (MNI=Mandelbrot for Windows)
mng ------ (Multi-image Network Graphics)
mnt ------ (Microsoft FoxPro menus)
mnx ------ (Microsoft FoxPro menus)
mod ------ (Amiga/PC tracker module)
mov ------ (QuickTime for Windows movie)
mp2 ------ (MPEG Audio Layer 2 file (MIME video file))
mp3 ------ (MPEG Audio Layer 3 (AC3) file)
mpa ------ (MPEG-related file (MIME type mpeg))
mpe ------ (MPEG animation)
mpeg ------ (MPEG animation)
mpg ------ (MPEG animation)
mpp ------ (CAD drawing file format)
mpr ------ (Microsoft FoxPro menus (compiled))
mri ------ (MRI Scan)
msa ------ (Magic Shadow Archive)
msdl ------ (Manchesters Scene Description Language)
msg ------ (Microsoft Mail message)
msn ------ (Descent Mission File)
msp ------ (Microsoft Paint bitmap)
mtm ------ (MultiTracker music module (MOD) file)
mul ------ (Online game called Ultima online)
mus ------ (Music)
mus10 ------ (Mus10 audio)
mvb ------ (Microsoft Multimedia Viewer file)
mwp ------ (Lotus Wordpro 97 Smartmaster file)
nan ------ (Nanoscope files (Raw Grayscale))
nap ------ (NAP Metafile)
ncb ------ (Microsoft Developer Studio file)
ncd ------ (Norton Change Directory)
ncf ------ (Lotus Notes internal clipboard)
ndo ------ (3D low-polygon modeler, Nendo)
netcdf ------ (network Common Data Form)
nff ------ (Neutral File Format)
nil ------ (Norton Icon Library file (EasyIcons-compatible))
nist ------ (NIST Sphere audio)
nlb ------ (Oracle 7 data)
nlm ------ (Netware Loadable Module)
nls ------ (National Language Support file used for localization (for
example, by Uniscape))
nlu ------ (Norton Live Update E-Mail Trigger file)
ns2 ------ (Lotus Notes database (version 2))
nsf ------ (Lotus Notes database)
nst ------ (Noise Tracker music module (MOD) file)
ntf ------ (Lotus Notes database template)
nwc ------ (Noteworthy Composer song file)
nws ------ (Microsoft OutlookExpress news message (MIME RFC822))
o01 ------ (Typhoon voice file)
obd ------ (Microsoft Office Binder)
obj ------ (Object file)
obz ------ (Microsoft Office Binder Wizard)
ocx ------ (Microsoft Object Linking and Embedding custom control)
ods ------ (Microsoft Outlook Express mailbox file (?))
off ------ (3D mesh Object File Format)
ofn ------ (Microsoft Office FileNew file)
oft ------ (Microsoft Outlook template)
okt ------ (Oktalyzer music module (MOD) file)
olb ------ (OLE Object Library)
ole ------ (OLE object)
oogl ------ (Object Oriented Graphics Library)
opl ------ (Organiser Programming Language source file - Psion/Symbian)
opo ------ (OPL output executable file)
opt ------ (Microsoft Developer Studio file)
opx ------ (OPL extension DLL)
or2 ------ (Lotus Organiser 2 file)
or3 ------ (Lotus Organiser 97 file)
ora ------ (Oracle 7 configuration)
orc ------ (Oracle 7 script)
org ------ (Lotus Organiser file)
oss ------ (Microsoft Office Search file)
ost ------ (Microsoft Exchange/Outlook Offline file)
otl ------ (Super NoteTab template file (Fookes))
p10 ------ (Tektronix Plot 10 drawing)
p65 ------ (Pagemaker 6.5 file)
p7c ------ (Digital ID file (MIME))
pab ------ (Microsoft Personal Address Book)
pac ------ (SB Studio II package)
pak ------ (Quake WAD file)
pal ------ (A compressed file)
pas ------ (Pascal source code (Borland))
pat ------ (Advanced Gravis Ultrasound/Forte tech. Patch)
pbd ------ (PowerBuilder Dynamic library, an alternative to a native DLL)
pbf ------ (Turtle Beach Pinnacle Bank File)
pbk ------ (Microsoft Phonebook)
pbl ------ (PowerBuilder Library used in the PowerBuilder development
pbm ------ (Portable bitmap)
pbr ------ (PowerBuilder Resource)
pc ------ (Hewlett-Packard Printer Control Language file (printer-ready bitmap))
pcd ------ (P-Code compiled test scripts as in Microsoft Tst and
Microsoft Visual Test)
pce ------ (Maps Eudora mailbox names to DOS filenames)
pcm ------ (OKI MSM6376 synth chip PCM format)
pcp ------ (Symantec Live Update Pro file)
pcs ------ (PICS animation)
pct ------ (Macintosh PICT drawing)
pcx ------ (ZSoft PC Paintbrush bitmap)
pdb ------ (3Com Palmpilot database file)
pdf ------ (Package Definition File from Microsoft Systems Management Server)
pdq ------ (Patton&Patton Flowcharting PDQ Lite file)
pf ------ (Aladdin Systems Private Files encrypted file)
pfa ------ (Type 1 font (ASCII))
pfb ------ (Type 1 font (binary))
pfc ------ (PF Component)
pfm ------ (Printer Font Metrics)
pgl ------ (HP Plotter drawing)
pgm ------ (Portable Graymap (bitmap))
pgp ------ (PGP encrypted file)
ph ------ (Temporary file generated by Microsoft Help Compiler)
phtml ------ (Perl-parsed HTML)
pic ------ (Macintosh PICT drawing)
pict ------ (Mac PICT image file)
pif ------ (IBM PIF drawing)
pig ------ (Lucas Arts Dark Forces WAD file)
pin ------ (Epic Pinball data file)
pix ------ (Inset Systems bitmap)
pj ------ (MKS Source Integrity file)
pjt ------ (Microsofts Visual Foxpro Project)
pjx ------ (Microsofts Visual Foxpro Project)
pkg ------ (Microsoft Developer Studio application extension (similar
to a DLL file))
pkr ------ (PGP Public Keyring)
pl ------ (Perl program)
plg ------ (A file format use by REND386/AVRIL)
pli ------ (Oracle 7 data description)
plm ------ (DisorderTracker2 module)
pls ------ (MPEG PLayList file (used by WinAmp))
plt ------ (Gerber sign-making software)
pm5 ------ (Pagemaker 5.0 file)
pm6 ------ (Pagemaker 6.0 file)
png ------ (Paint Shop Pro Browser catalogue)
pnt ------ (MacPaint graphic file)
pntg ------ (Same as PNT file)
pog ------ (Descent2 PIG file extension)
pot ------ (Microsoft PowerPoint Template)
pov ------ (Persistence of Vision ray-tracer)
pp4 ------ (Picture Publisher 4 bitmap)
ppa ------ (Microsoft PowerPoint Add-in)
ppf ------ (Turtle Beach Pinnacle Program File)
ppm ------ (Portable Pixelmap bitmap)
ppp ------ (Serif PagePlus desktop publishing default output)
pps ------ (Paint Shop Pro image)
ppt ------ (Microsoft PowerPoint presentation)
prc ------ (3Com Palmpilot resource (text or program) file)
pre ------ (Lotus Freelance presentation)
prf ------ (Macromedia Director settings file)
prg ------ (WAVmaker program)
prj ------ (3d Studio (DOS) project file)
prn ------ (DataCAD Windows Printer file)
prs ------ (Harvard Graphics for Windows presentation)
prt ------ (A print-formatted file)
prv ------ (A PsiMail Internet provider template file)
prz ------ (Lotus Freelance Graphics 97 file)
ps ------ (Postscript-formatted file (a Postscript printer-ready file))
psb ------ (Pinnacle Sound Bank)
psd ------ (Adobe Photoshop bitmap)
psi ------ (PSION a-law audio)
psm ------ (Sound data for Epics games)
pst ------ (Microsoft Outlook Personal Folder File)
ptm ------ (Polytracker music module (MOD) file)
pub ------ (Microsoft Publisher document)
pwd ------ (Microsoft Pocket Word document)
pwl ------ (Windows 95 password list file)
pwp ------ (Photoworks image file (a roll of file that can be viewed
using Photoworks))
pwz ------ (Microsoft PowerPoint Wizard)
pxl ------ (Microsoft Pocket Excel spreadsheet)
py ------ (Save emessages from Yahoo)
qad ------ (PF QuickArt Document)
qbw ------ (QuickBooks for Windows file)
qd3d ------ (Apples QuickDraw 3D Metafile format)
qdt ------ (Quick Books data file from the Quicken UK
Accountancy/Tax/Invoice program)
qfl ------ (FAMILY LAWYER document)
qic ------ (Microsoft Backup file)
qif ------ (Quicken Import File)
qlb ------ (Quick Library)
qm ------ (Quality Motion file)
qry ------ (Microsoft Query)
qst ------ (Quake Spy Tab file)
qt ------ (QuickTime Movie)
qti ------ (QuickTime-related image)
qtif ------ (QuickTime-related image)
qtm ------ (QuickTime Movie)
qtp ------ (QuickTime Preferences file)
qts ------ (QuickTime-related image)
qtx ------ (QuickTime-related image)
qw ------ (Symantec Q&A Write program file)
qxd ------ (Quark XPress file)
r ------ (Pegasus Mail resource file)
ra ------ (Real Audio sound)
ram ------ (RealAudio metafile)
rar ------ (RAR compressed archive (Eugene Roshalls format))
ras ------ (Sun Raster Images bitmap)
raw ------ (Raw signed PCM data)
rbh ------ (Maintained by RoboHELP, the RBH file adds to the
information contained in the Help project file)
rdf ------ (Resource Description Framework file (related to XML and metadata))
rdl ------ (Descent Registered Level)
rec ------ (RapidComm voice file)
reg ------ (Registration file)
res ------ (Microsoft Visual C++ Resource)
rft ------ (Revisable Form Text (part of IBMs DCA or Document Content
rgb, ------ (SGI=Silicon Graphics RGB files)
rl2 ------ (Descent2 Registered Level)
rle ------ (Run-Length Encoded bitmap)
rm ------ (Real Audio video file)
rmd ------ (Microsoft RegMaid document)
rmf ------ (Rich Map Format (used by 3-D game editors to store a map))
rmi ------ (MIDI music)
rov ------ (Rescue Rover data file)
rpm ------ (RedHat Package Manager package (for Linux))
rpt ------ (Microsoft Visual Basic Crystal Reports file)
rrs ------ (save file for the ace game Road Rash)
rsl ------ (Borderlands Paradox 7 reports)
rtf ------ (Rich Text Format document)
rtk ------ (Used by RoboHELP to simulate the search feature of Windows help)
rtm ------ (Real Tracker music module (MOD) file)
rts ------ (RoboHELP to speed complex operations)
rul ------ (Extension used in InstallShield)
rvp ------ (Microsoft Scan Configuration file (MIME))
rxx ------ (RAR compressed files from a multi-volume archive (xx = a
number from 01 to 99))
s ------ (Assembler source code)
s3i ------ (Scream Tracker v3 instrument)
s3m ------ (Sound module file for ScreamTracker v3)
sam ------ (Signed 8bit sample data)
sav ------ (Saved game file)
sb ------ (Raw Signed Byte (8bit) data)
sbk ------ (Creative Labs Soundfont 1.0 Bank file (Soundblaster)/EMU
SoundFont v1.x Bank files)
sbl ------ (Shockwave Flash object)
sc2 ------ (SAS catalog (Windows 95/NT, OS/2, Mac))
scc ------ (Microsoft Source Safe file)
scd ------ (Microsoft Schedule+ 7)
scf ------ (Windows Explorer command file)
sch ------ (Microsoft Schedule+ 1)
sci ------ (ScanVec Inspire Native file format)
scn ------ (trueSpace2 scene)
scp ------ (Dial-Up Networking Script)
scr ------ (Fax image)
sct ------ (Microsoft FoxPro forms)
sct01 ------ (SAS catalog (Unix))
scv ------ (ScanVec CASmate Native file format)
scx ------ (Microsoft FoxPro forms)
sd ------ (Sound Designer I audio)
sd2 ------ (SAS database (Windows 95/NT OS/2, Mac))
sdf ------ (System Data File Format - legacy Unisys (Sperry) format)
sdk ------ (Roland S-series floppy disk image)
sdl ------ (SmartDraw library)
sdr ------ (SmartDraw drawing)
sds ------ (Raw Midi Sample Dump Standard file)
sdt ------ (SmartDraw template)
sdv ------ (Semicolon Divided Values file)
sdw ------ (Raw Signed DWord (32bit) data)
sdx ------ (Midi Sample Dump Standard files compacted by SDX)
sea ------ (Self-expanding archive (used by Stuffit for Mac files and
possibly by others))
sep ------ (Tagged Image File Format (TIFF) bitmap)
ses ------ (Cood Edit Session file (common digital audio editor file ))
sf ------ (IRCAM SoundFile format)
sf2 ------ (Creative Labs Soundfont 2.0 Bank file (Soundblaster))
sfd ------ (SoundStage Sound File Data)
sfi ------ (SoundStage Sound File Info)
sfr ------ (Sonic Foundry Sample Resource)
sfw ------ (Seattle Film Works (Mangled JPEG))
sfx ------ (RAR self-extracting archive)
sgml ------ (Standard Generalized Markup Language)
shb ------ (Document shortcut file)
shg ------ (Hotspot bitmap)
shp ------ (File format used by some programs for 3D modeling of
multipart interactive triangle models)
shs ------ (Shell scrap file)
shtml ------ (HTML file containing Server Side Includes (SSI))
shw ------ (Corel Show presentation)
sig ------ (Signature file)
sit ------ (Stuffit archive of Mac files)
siz ------ (Oracle 7 configuration)
ska ------ (PGP secret Keyring)
skl ------ (Macromedia Director resource file)
sl ------ (PACTs Save Layout extension)
slb ------ (AutoDesk Slide Library File Format)
sld ------ (AutoDesk Slide File Format)
slk ------ (Symbolic Link (SYLK) spreadsheet)
sm3 ------ (DataCAD Symbol file)
smp ------ (Ad Lib Gold Sample)
snd ------ (AKAI MPC-series sample)
sndr ------ (Sounder sound file)
sndt ------ (Sndtool sound file)
sou ------ (SB Studio II sound)
spd ------ (Speach Data file)
spl ------ (Digitracker Sample)
sppack ------ (SPPack sound sample)
sprite ------ (Acorns bitmap format)
sqc ------ (Structured Query Language (SQR) common code file)
sql ------ (Generally used by database products as an extension for
SQL queries (scripts, text, or binary))
sqr ------ (Structured Query Language (SQR) program file)
ssd ------ (SAS database (Dos))
ssd01 ------ (SAS data sets (Unix))
st ------ (Atari ST disk image)
stm ------ (Scream Tracker v2 music module (MOD) file)
str ------ (Sceensaver exetension)
sty ------ (Ventura Publisher style sheet)
svx ------ (Interchange file format, 8SVX/16SV)
sw ------ (Raw signed Word (16bit) data)
swa ------ (Shockwave audio file in Macromedia Director (an MP3 file))
swf ------ (Shockwave Flash object)
swp ------ (DataCAD Swap file)
sys ------ (System file)
syw ------ (Yamaha SY-series wave files)
t2t ------ (Sonata CAD modelling software file)
tab ------ (Guitar Tablature file)
tar ------ (Tape Archive)
taz ------ (Unix Gzip/Tape Archive)
tbk ------ (Asymetrix Toolbook interactive multimedia files)
tcl ------ (Script in the TCL/TK Language)
tdb ------ (Thumbs Plus database)
tddd ------ (A file format use by the Imagine & Turbo Silver ray-tracers)
tex ------ (Texture file)
tga ------ (Targa bitmap)
tgz ------ (Unix Gzip/Tape Archive)
theme ------ (Windows 95 Desktop Theme)
thn ------ (Graphics Workshop for Windows thumbnail)
tif ------ (Tag Image File Format (TIFF) bitmap)
tiff ------ (Tag Image File Format (TIFF) bitmap)
tig ------ (Tiger file, used by US government to distribute maps)
tlb ------ (OLE Type Library)
tle ------ (Two-Line Element set (NASA))
tmp ------ (Windows temporary file)
toc ------ (Table of contents of Eudora mailboxes)
tol ------ (Kodak photoenhancer)
tos ------ (The Operation System for Atari line of 16/32 and 32/32 computers)
tpl ------ (DataCAD Template file)
tpp ------ (Teleport Pro Project)
trk ------ (Kermit scrpit file)
trm ------ (Terminal file)
trn ------ (MKS Source Integrity project usage log)
ttf ------ (TrueType font)
ttk ------ (Corel Catalyst Translation Tool Kit)
twf ------ (TabWorks file)
tww ------ (Tagwrite Template)
tx8 ------ (MS-DOS text)
txb ------ (Descent/D2 Encoded Briefing File)
txt ------ (ASCII text-formatted data)
txw ------ (Yamaha TX16W wave files)
tz ------ (Old compression format file)
ub ------ (Raw unsigned byte (8-bit) data)
udf ------ (Windows NT Uniqueness Database File)
udw ------ (Raw unsigned doubleword (32-bit) data)
ulaw ------ (US telephony format (CCITT G.711) audio)
ult ------ (Ultratracker music module (MOD) file)
uni ------ (MikMod UniMod formatted file)
url ------ (Internet shortcut file)
use ------ (MKS Source Integrity file)
uu ------ (UU-encoded file)
uue ------ (UU-encoded file)
uw ------ (Raw unsigned word (16-bit) data)
uwf ------ (UltraTracker Wave file)
v8 ------ (Covox 8-bit audio file)
vap ------ (Annotated speech)
vba ------ (VBase file)
vbp ------ (Visual Basic Project)
vbw ------ (Microsoft Visual Basic workspace)
vbx ------ (Visual Basic custom control)
vce ------ (Natural MicroSystems (NMS) unformatted voice file (used by
Cool Edit))
vcf ------ (Vevi configuration file; defines objects for use with
Sense8s WorldToolKit)
vct ------ (Microsoft FoxPro class library)
vcx ------ (Microsoft FoxPro class library)
vda ------ (Targa bitmap)
vi ------ (Virtual Instrument file from National Instruments LABView product)
viff ------ (Khoros Visualisation format)
vir ------ (File identified as a virus-infected file by Norton
AntiVirus and possibly others)
viv ------ (VivoActive Player streaming video file)
viz ------ (Divisions dVS/dVISE file)
vlb ------ (Corel Ventura Library)
vmf ------ (FaxWorks audio file)
voc ------ (Creative Labs Sound Blaster audio file)
vox ------ (Talking Technology audio file)
vp ------ (Ventura Publisher publication)
vqe ------ (Yamaha Sound-VQ Locator file)
vqf ------ (Yamaha Sound-VQ file (possible emerging standard))
vql ------ (Yamah Sound-VQ Locator file)
vrf ------ (Oracle 7 configuration)
vrml ------ (A VRML file)
vsd ------ (Visio drawing (flow chart or schematic))
vsl ------ (Download List file (GetRight))
vss ------ (Visio Stencil file)
vst ------ (Targa bitmap)
vsw ------ (Visio Workspace file)
vxd ------ (Microsoft Windows virtual device driver)
wab ------ (Microsoft Outlook file)
wad ------ (Large file for Doom game containing video, player level,
and other information)
wal ------ (Quake 2 texture file)
wav ------ (Windows Waveform sound)
wb1 ------ (QuattroPro for Windows spreadsheet)
wb2 ------ (QuattroPro for Windows spreadsheet)
wbk ------ (Microsoft Word Backup)
wbl ------ (Argo WebLoad II upload file)
wbr ------ (Crick Software WordBar File)
wbt ------ (Crick Software Wordbar Template)
wcm ------ (WordPerfect Macro)
wdb ------ (Microsoft Works database)
web ------ (CorelXara Web document)
wfb ------ (Turtle Beach WaveFront Bank (Maui/Rio/Monterey))
wfd ------ (Turtle Beach WaveFront Drum set (Maui/Rio/Monterey))
wfn ------ (symbols for use in Corel Draw)
wfp ------ (Turtle Beach WaveFront Program (Maui/Rio/Monterey))
wgp ------ (Wild Board Games data file)
wid ------ (Ventura width table)
wil ------ (WinImage file)
wiz ------ (Microsoft Word Wizard)
wk1 ------ (Lotus 123 versions 1 & 2 spreadsheet)
wk3 ------ (Lotus 123 version 3 spreadsheet)
wk4 ------ (Lotus 123 version 4 spreadsheet)
wks ------ (Microsoft Works document)
wld ------ (REND386/AVRIL file)
wlf ------ (Argo WebLoad I upload file)
wll ------ (Microsoft Word Add-In)
wmf ------ (Windows Metafile)
wow ------ (Grave Composer music module (MOD) file)
wp ------ (WordPerfect document)
wp4 ------ (WordPerfect 4 document)
wp5 ------ (WordPerfect 5 document)
wp6 ------ (WordPerfect 6 document)
wpd ------ (WordPerfect Document)
wpg ------ (WordPerfect Graphic)
wps ------ (Microsoft Works document)
wpt ------ (WordPerfect Template)
wpw ------ (Novel PerfectWorks document)
wq1 ------ (QuattroPro/DOS spreadsheet)
wq2 ------ (QuattroPro/DOS version 5 spreadsheet)
wr1 ------ (Lotus Symphony)
wri ------ (Write document)
wrk ------ (Cakewalk music audio project file)
wrl ------ (Virtual Reality model)
wrz ------ (Another VRML fileject)
ws1 ------ (WordStar for Windows 1 document)
ws2 ------ (WordStar for Windows 2 document)
ws3 ------ (WordStar for Windows 3 document)
ws4 ------ (WordStar for Windows 4 document)
ws5 ------ (WordStar for Windows 5 document)
ws6 ------ (WordStar for Windows 6 document)
ws7 ------ (WordStar for Windows 7 document)
wsd ------ (WordStar 2000 document)
wvl ------ (Wavelet Compressed Bitmap)
wwl ------ (Microsoft Word add-in file)
x ------ (AVS image format)
x16 ------ (Macromedia Extra (program extension), 16 bit)
x32 ------ (Macromedia Extra (program extension), 32 bit)
xar ------ (Corel Xara drawing)
xbm ------ (A MIME xbitmap image)
xi ------ (Instrument sample file for ScreamTracker)
xif ------ (Wang imaging file (comes with Windows 95))
xla ------ (Microsoft Excel add-in)
xlb ------ (Microsoft Excel toolbar)
xlc ------ (Microsoft Excel chart)
xld ------ (Microsoft Excel dialogue)
xlk ------ (Microsoft Excel backup)
xll ------ (Microsoft Excel add-in file)
xlm ------ (Microsoft Excel macro)
xls ------ (Microsoft Excel worksheet)
xlt ------ (Microsoft Excel template)
xlv ------ (Microsoft Excel VBA module)
xlw ------ (Microsoft Excel workbook / workspace)
xm ------ (FastTracker 2, Digital Tracker music module (MOD) file)
xnk ------ (Microsoft Exchange shortcut file)
xpm ------ (X BitMap format)
xr1 ------ (Epic MegaGames Xargon data file)
xtp ------ (XTree data file)
xwd ------ (X Window Dump format)
xwf ------ (Yamaha XG Works file (MIDI sequencing))
xy3 ------ (XYWrite III document)
xy4 ------ (XYWrite IV document)
xyp ------ (XYWrite III Plus document)
xyw ------ (XYWrite for Windows 4.0 document)
yal ------ (Arts & Letters clipart library)
ybk ------ (Microsoft Encarta Yearbook)
z ------ (Unix Gzip)
zip ------ (Zip file)
zoo ------ (An early compressed file format)

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