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From Vic <>
Subject Re: [modeler] Intro: How do I monitor?
Date Fri, 03 Dec 2004 03:29:59 GMT
So let me see if I understand:

1. I have "Registry" create my objects and then my applications gets a 
handle to those objects via the "Registry". Or do I create the objects 
and then register. I think the 2nd.

2.THEN I have "traditional" JMX agent register those same MBeans that I 
get from the "Registry" to the "Sun HTML monitor thing"?
And now I can monitor my    registered objects.

Do I have that right? It would make sense to me like that.

Jumping to what I want to try: if my MBeans interfaces are also "CoR" 
Commands, I am  cool. But .... I can't configure my "MBeans Commands" 
using commons-chain XML... I guess I have to live with that. I realy do 
not want to configure my objects using JMX XML, mostly becuase I just 
don't know it (and I did not see much writen up about it so I could follow)


Craig McClanahan wrote:
> Modeler is really about making it easy for the server side application
> you want to embed JMX support in to do so.  As such, you woudn't focus
> on monitoring the Registery itself, but you would monitor the JMX
> server that is created ... using the usual techniques, such as the
> remote HTML monitor thing.
> If you want to instrument a webapp with JMX support, you might want to
> glance at how Tomcat integrates it.  I'm afraid my knowledge of the
> details there is a couple of years out of date, but they use Modeler
> to configure the MBeans that are registered in the MBean server, which
> is then made accessible (just like any other MBeans server) to JMX
> clients.
> Craig
> On Thu, 02 Dec 2004 18:10:22 -0600, Vic <> wrote:
>>Intro: I assume I just create a new Registry() and registerComponents()
>>  in it. Nothing more? Yes?
>>In Sun's JMX they have an HTML monitor "servlet" to see what we can see.
>>Is there anything like that here?
>>Should I just write my own thing to examine the Registry?
>>Can I use the Sun JMX dummy monitor thing?
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