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From "Leonardo Larraquy" <>
Subject Doubts about Digester and XML Parsing...
Date Fri, 10 Dec 2004 14:14:34 GMT
Hi experts:
I must say that I've got a little experience using digester for XML configuration files, but
now I must populate some beans for a interface between systems and it's really quite diferent.
I've also read about converters and my doubty come's just at that point.
Let me explain it.

Here's a part of my XML:

<?xml version="1.0" standalone="yes"?>
<Puma_Producto name="SourceKey_1" Datetime="Datetime_1" Action="Action_1">

I was able to pass the "CODE" and "DESCRIPTION" attributes to, setCode(String) and setDescription(String)
 on my bean.
I was able to pass the "CONVERSION" to its corresponding setConversion(int).
But now I must pass "UNIDAD_MEDIDA_COMPRAS" to it corresponding setUMCompras(UMCompras aValue)
// it recieves a bean that I've got already coded!

Here's my doubt about converters.

1) In yhe examples I saw, the converters where used when the "value" come in a different entity,
and now my value is set as an attribute.

<Puma_Producto name="SourceKey_1" Datetime="Datetime_1" Action="Action_1">
<Datos .....................  CONVERSION="256" UNIDAD_MEDIDA_COMPRAS="UM01">

But it's not my case!!

2) As I saw on Digester in the method convert(java.lang.String[] values, java.lang.Class clazz)
I cannot tell him the pattern I want to convert, in my case: "Puma_Producto/Datos/UNIDAD_FORECAST"

3) Lastely, this is an answer, not a problem I had to deal with, is there any way on digester
to "iterate" over attributes and properties?? I mean, Digester actualy returns an Object with
all the entities readed "inside" according to my configuration. But I can't do anything during
that proccess. I want to receive the values from the XML and execute the "set" methods by
my self, is that posible?

I hope I've relatively clear... excuse my if my English is not good enough.

Thanks in advance.

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