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From "Nicolas Maujean" <>
Subject [fileupload] FileUploadException : Stream ended unexpectedly
Date Tue, 28 Dec 2004 15:04:40 GMT

  I am trying to upload a huge file of 6Go, to do this, I comment part in :
        long requestSize = req.getContentLength();
        if (requestSize == -1)
            throw new UnknownSizeException(
                "the request was rejected because it's size is unknown");
        if (sizeMax >= 0 && requestSize > sizeMax)
            throw new SizeLimitExceededException(
                "the request was rejected because "
                + "it's size exceeds allowed range");

   because request.getContentLength(), get a int so we are limited for this 
reason to 2Go,
I am not using the ThresholdingOutputStream class, the datas that we get are 
directly wrote to the disk and I don't use the memory for file less than the 
threshold size that we can configure.

  When I upload the file on my computer (the distant machine is my 
computer), it works fine. Where as, when I am using another distant machine, 
I have the following exception :
FileUploadException: Processing of multipart/form-data request failed. 
Stream ended unexpectedly
and it stops to upload the file always at the same point I can upload 
1606478 ko (1.6 Go)

  Can anyone help ?

Nicolas Maujean

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