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From Paul Libbrecht <>
Subject Re: [jelly] xslt transform fun (newbie)
Date Wed, 22 Dec 2004 14:13:21 GMT

Le 22 déc. 04, à 14:45, Peter Lerche a écrit :

> 1. In the jelly docs 
> (
> It describe following way to use the x:transform tag.
> <x:transform xslt="file:///test/default.xslt">
> 	<x:parse xml="file:///test/data.xml"/>
> </x:transform>
> But it does not work. I get a "x:parser missing var attrib".
> I found a workaround.
> <x:parse xml="file:///test/data.xml" var="doc"/>
> <x:transform xslt="file:///test/default.xslt" xml="${doc}"/>
> but it defeats the XML pipeline idea.  I would appreciate if someone 
> could
> comment on the problem.

Have you tried the following ?

<x:transform xslt="xxxx">
	<j:include uri=""/>

In all cases, be careful that loading the document in ram is, sadly, 
always done in XSLT processors. The XSLT language should have allowed 
implementors to provide:
- minimal load in ram
- and delta processing
None are realized, as far as I know.
If you are processing a file anyways, why not directly use ant's style 
tag ?

I think x:transform is very useful if you do previous operations on the 
xml document (or produce it as the result of something else).
There's not much of jelly to modify a loaded document but the whole 
dom4j is there for you! (using jexl method calls)


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