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From robert burrell donkin <>
Subject Re: [Digester] Calling a class property setter method using a predefined value not present in xml.
Date Sun, 12 Dec 2004 11:52:50 GMT

On 3 Dec 2004, at 10:40, Lee Francis Wilhelmsen wrote:

> Hi
> My question is pretty simple. How do you call a class method with a
> parameter value not present in the xml, but known to be of a defined
> value? All the methods I've seen take the value from the tag or
> attribute and feed this to the class. This assumes that the xml file
> holds all values needed to populate the java class, but this may not
> always be the case.
> Let's say you have a class like this:
> public class MyClass {
>    private String tagValue;
>    private boolean tagSet;
>    public setFlag(boolean b) {tagSet = b}
>    public setA(String a) { tagValue = a;}
>    ...
> }
> That you want to populate from a tag <a>. If the tag <a> is available 
> in
> the xml then two methods should be called on a java class:
>   - the method to set the a value, setA(String)
>   - a method to indicate that the value is set, setFlag(true)
> My rules would look something like:
> <call-method-rule methodname="setA" paramcount="1"/>
> <call-param-rule paramnumber='0' attrname='url'/>
> <call-method-rule methodname="setFlag" paramcount="1"/>
> <call-param-rule paramnumber='0' [..something boolean here...] />
> Now, in my example I can get around the problem by just calling
> setFlag() from inside the setA() method to notify that the value had
> been set so this isn't really a problem, but that's only because I
> controlled the class code. What if I didn't and had to use the class
> (yes I probably could create a new subclass overiding this method)...
> How can I then call a method based on a value not present in the xml,
> but known to be of a certain value?

i don't think that this can be done with the standard rules right now. 
it should be possible to extend CallParamRule (or perhaps create a new 
class) to give an option to push a value onto the parameter. a patch 
for this feature would be gratefully accepted ;)

until this feature is added to the standard set of rules shipping with 
digester, the quickest way to solve your problem would be to create a 
custom rule.

- robert

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