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From Skip/Jan Hodgson <>
Subject Re: Net Problem with FTPClient class
Date Wed, 29 Dec 2004 23:14:02 GMT
Are you sure you are actually getting a MalformedPatternException?  I 
tried something like this with commons-net-1.2.2 and got a 
NoDefClassFoundException at runtime looking for 
MalformedPatternException.class.  The commons-net package also seems to 
require the package org/apache/oro/text/regex.  This package is 
available as jakarta-oro-2.0.8.jar .

Just a thought.
Skip Hodgson

Gary Yasuda wrote:

>I just downloaded the new Jakarta Commons Net 1.3.0
>library. I am trying to use the FTPClient and FTPFile
>classes. Right now, I'm trying to use this on two
>HP-UX 11.11 systems running WU-FTP 2.6.1. This is a
>snippet of my code:
>try {
>   FTPClient ftp = new FTPClient();
>   ftp.connect("server");
>   ftp.login("root", "password");
>   String dir = "/home/root";
>   FTPFile[] files = ftp.listFiles(dir);
>} catch (Exception e) {
>   e.printStackTrace();
>I thought I typed this in just like the example
>figuring this will auto-detect the parser. Logging in
>as "root", I figure there should be no permission
>problems. The directory "/home/root" does exist. The
>line with the FTPFile declaration keeps throwing a
>MalformedPatternException.  I also tried
>dir) but that did not work either.
>Any suggestions would be appreciated in debugging
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