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From Tim Dudgeon <>
Subject [jelly] define:jellyBean with nested properties
Date Tue, 28 Dec 2004 18:35:15 GMT
I see how to define a jellybean using simple  properties that can be 
defined as atributes of the  tag e.g.

<define:taglib uri="myTagLib">
    <define:jellybean name="foo" className="MyTask"/>

  <my:foo x="2" y="cheese"/>

What about if the class that is my jellyBean neeed more complex 
properties. Is there a way to set these? The bean tag library provides a 
nicve way of specifying these on a plain java bean, but what is the way 
to do this for a jellyBean?

Lets assume my jellyBean class,  has property bar that was of 
type which had a name and location property.

<define:taglib uri="myTagLib">
    <define:jellybean name="foo" className="Foo"/>

  <bar name="my name" location="somewhere">

or even, to take it to another stage:

  <bar name="my name">
	<location street="High Street" city="London"/>


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