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From "Frank W. Zammetti" <>
Subject [OT] Request an app test (free beer!)
Date Mon, 20 Dec 2004 22:26:23 GMT
I was informed last OT post I made that the subject should always 
include the word "beer".  I added the "free" to get your attention :)

I'm working on something for which I need to know what the 
property on various OS's is.  I would greatly appreciate it if some 
folks could try the following:

public class test {
public static void main(String[] args) {

I'm particularly interested in various *nix variants, Linux, Mac and 
such.  Windows I already have answers for (although some verification to 
be sure nothing fishy is going on wouldn't hurt).

If you could just post your OS and what the result was, I would greatly 
appreciate it.  Thanks in advance!

Frank W. Zammetti
Founder and Chief Software Architect
Omnytex Technologies

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