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From Jason Vinson <>
Subject [digester] Parsing Attributes of a Topic Map
Date Fri, 10 Dec 2004 17:57:45 GMT
(Sorry if this is sent twice... I sent from an unsubscribed address before).

We have a consultant who is lobbying for a Topic Map format for a 
business solution.  The following is a simplified example:

   <items type="EntityName">
     <item name="FirstName" value="Joe"/>
     <item name="MiddleName" value=""/>
     <item name="LastName" value="Blow"/>
   <item name="PhoneNumber" value="123-456-7890"/>
 (any number of entities here)

I want to digest this into an object with the following format:

public class Entity {
setFirstName(String fName);
setMiddleName(String mName);
setLastName(String lName);
setPhoneNumber(String phoneNo);

So I struggled a bit and came up with this:

Digester digester = new Digester();

digester.addObjectCreate("myCheck", ArrayList.class);

digester.addObjectCreate("myCheck/entity", clazz);
digester.addRule("myCheck/entity/item", new addAttributeSetter());
digester.addRule("myCheck/entity/items/item", new addAttributeSetter());

// Add all "entities"
digester.addSetNext("myCheck/entity", "add");

theList = (List) digester.parse(new StringReader(xml));

with an inner class "addAttributeSetter" with the following:

public void begin(String namespace, String name, Attributes attribs) {
   try {
       String theVal = attribs.getValue("value");
       String theName = StringUtils.uncapitalize(attribs.getValue("name"));
       Object obj = digester.peek();
       BeanUtils.setProperty(obj, theName, theVal);
   } catch (Exception e) {

My question is this - There must be an easier way to do this  :)

It was way too easy to create this custom rule, which makes me wonder if 
there is something similar already in place that I haven't found.

Any comments or pointers are welcomed,

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