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From Arnaud Masson>
Subject Re: [Jelly] Using jelly as web script, there's any experience ?
Date Fri, 10 Dec 2004 11:47:55 GMT
Marc DEXET wrote:

>Hi guys.
>Has somebody built a concret web application with Jelly ?
>After a walk around this subject, I get some question :
>- Somebody has yet used Jelly as JSP ?
>- Somebody has succeed using session ?
>- Somebody has test high load charge with jellyServlet ?
>To sum up, somebody has something to show and to say in this field ?
Hi Marc

Yes, I develop a web app with Jelly :
- As JSP replacement, for simple pages, with my own servlet (not 
- To generate HTML page from a high level page description using 
component descriptions (templates) based on small jelly scripts

I still have some JSP but my goal is to remove all JSP
- I don't need historical (non xml) JSP stuff
- I like to easily control the execution contexte (source script 
location, direct DOM output, ...)
- I had many problems with JSP and UTF-8 (and I don't like the idea of 
the generated java code with many println("<div>..." !)

I don't have tested high load yet.
I have started to implement some compiled script caching to improve 
response to time (see previous posts).


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