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From Dave Briccetti <>
Subject Mapping from JavaBeans to Swing components
Date Wed, 08 Dec 2004 04:39:39 GMT
Is there anything in Commons or elsewhere that, given:

1) a JavaBean, and
2) either a java.awt.Container holding Swing components or an object 
with a set of fields that are Swing components

will fetch all the bean properties that match the set of Swing 
components (by name), and set the Swing components from them, or the 
reverse? I'd like to to require no declaration of properties to be 
mapped. It should use reflection or something like that.

Something that handles JTextComponent and maybe JCheckBox and a few 
others would be nice. Integration with XmlBeans would be good (call 
isSetXXX() first to see if there is data).


Dave Briccetti
Lafayette, California

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