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From Arnaud Masson <>
Subject Re: [Jelly] nested compileScript() with import ?
Date Sun, 05 Dec 2004 22:06:13 GMT
Yes,  I have copied the import tag and added the cache to the new tag.
It works fine, but I would like to reuse compiled scripts
- if several container scripts include the same sub script
- if a container script include the same sub script several times

To do that, I currently use the JellyContext to cache compiled scripts 
with a call to setVariable(),
using a variable name based on the script uri... it works, but it's not 
really clean.

Maybe a better way would be to override the compileScript() methods of 
the JellyContext
and add a cache of compiled scripts inside the context (indexed by 
uri/url) ?

Also I am not sure how to handle the 'export' and 'inherit' parameters 
when I use compileScript+run instead of a single call to runScript().

You say a Tag isn't compilable, but what's the "CompilableTag" ??
I tried to use it the but the attributes (uri,...) of my tag are empty 
when "compile" is called.

Thanks for your help!

.Hans Gilde wrote:

>You could easily cache the imported script the first time it's run. This is
>a simple modification to the current import tag, so that it keeps the
>reference to the script. If you do this, why not add an attribute "cache" to
>turn caching on/off and then submit it as a patch to the import tag?
>It would be a little harder, but not at all impossible, to make it cache the
>imported script at compile time.
>If not, the basic idea is this:
>A Tag isn't compilable, it's generated at runtime. A Script is compilable,
>it's generated at compile time. You need a special Script, not a special
>Tag. Scripts are very much like tags except that they need to be thread
>safe. Most of the time, a Script called TagScript is used. By default, this
>Script creates and caches Tag instances when it's run.
>Your new Script would compile the import at compile time. The result of
>compiling the import is, it self, a Script instance. At runtime, your Script
>would simply pass control to the imported Script.
>You would also have to implement a custom TagLibrary. A TagLibrary gets to
>create a TagScript (implements Script) for every XML tag in its namespace.
>So, your TagLibrary would create a custom TagScript that would compile and
>keep the imported XML.
>-----Original Message-----
>From: Arnaud Masson [] 
>Sent: Saturday, December 04, 2004 6:07 PM
>Subject: [Jelly] nested compileScript() with import ?
>in the current version of jelly "import" tag, it seems that imported 
>scripts are always parsed and recompiled each time the containing script 
>even if this script has already been compiled.
>the problem is that  it isn't optimized if the compiled version of the 
>main script is cached.
>is it possible to compile all scripts included via <j:import ...> via a 
>single call to jellyContext.compileScript() on the containing script ?
>should i write a custom tag to implement that (to replace import) ?
>thanks in advance
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