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From Philip DONAGHY <>
Subject [sql]Applying xml schema constraints on the database model
Date Thu, 02 Dec 2004 13:25:17 GMT
We are making a datamodel from xml schema and would like to suggest
support for constraints in a similar way xml schema does it. For example
if an element of an xml instance can contain a maximum of 3 child
elements (maxOccurs="3"), can the commons sql datamodel add a "trigger
before insert" which verifies that there are not more than 3 children
inserted in the child table. The same could be done for "trigger before
delete" for minOccurs constraints.

What does the Apache community of Java Thinkers make of this nasty idea

Any other ideas for xml schema-like support in the relational database

If this is not a good idea what would be the alternatives?

Philip Donaghy and Olivier Croisier

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