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From Wade Chandler <>
Subject Re: [NET] ftpClient as part of a servlet application
Date Wed, 01 Dec 2004 15:39:37 GMT
Cindy Ballreich wrote:
> The jsp, Tomcat, and the ftp server are all on the same machine. The 
> files to be uploaded are on some remote user's machine. Yes, I agree 
> that FileUpload can certainly do this, but we've had some issues 
> uploading really big files using FileUpload and it was suggested (by one 
> of my bosses) that ftp might be more reliable. The possibility of being 
> able to restart the upload form (or near) the point that it failed was 
> especially attractive.
> José Antonio Pérez Testa wrote:
>> Can you explain better?
>> Where are the files, the ftp server and the jsp?
>> It seems like a FileUpload problem, not ftp!
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You can't use the ftpclient from the client side in a jsp without having 
a signed java applet or an application.  Just to clarify, because from 
the posting it doesn't sound like that is clear.  The FileUpload class 
and everything else runs on the backend in the jsp container, so the ftp 
client will not be able to do the same thing as file upload simply 
because of the logistics and where the components need to run.  Do you 
have an applet or an application you are running ftp client in?


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