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From <>
Subject NPE: map.LRUMap.reuseMapping(
Date Tue, 07 Dec 2004 18:12:04 GMT

I'm using Collections 3.1 and just found this NPE in my logs:


This looks like a bug.  Is this a known issue?
I instantiated LRUMap like this:

  LRUMap map = new LRUMap(31);

And from there on, I use it like I'd use any Map, putting things into
it, and so on.  Maybe I'm not using LRUMap correctly?  My _guess_ is
that this occurs when the Map is full, but I am not certain.

I am wrapping the LRUMap in my own Maps as follows, but I think they're
not the culprit:

  LRUMap map = new LRUMap(31);
    _userSessions = new ExpiringMap(map,
       new TimerTTLReferenceHolder(1800000), // ttl=30min
       300000);                              // purge frequency=5min

I checked Bugzilla and I checked the CVS log for LRUMap, but I don't
see any mentions of relevant bug fixes.  The only similar thing I found

And it looks like that was fixed before 3.1 release.

I'm seeing this error in production ( ), so any
help would be mucho appreciated.

If it helps, I can put this in Bugzilla.

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