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From Martin Cooper <>
Subject Re: uploading image?
Date Tue, 21 Dec 2004 20:04:00 GMT
On Tue, 21 Dec 2004 11:27:53 -0800, Dakota Jack <> wrote:
> Yuubouna and Martin,
> I apologize for not knowing whether your name (Yuubouna) is male or
> female.  No disrespect intended.
> On Tue, 21 Dec 2004 08:50:10 -0800, Martin Cooper <> wrote:
> > Struts actually uses Commons FileUpload for its upload functionality,
> > and you'll be able to do what you need with Struts itself. The Struts
> > FormFile interface handles both text and binary uploads. All you need
> > to do is decide where you want to store the image on disk.
> I think s/he looked at this, Martin, and expressed a desire to build
> her/his own implementation of commons-upload and expressly rejected
> the Struts implementation.

What I read in the original message was a comment that the Struts file
upload implementation works only for text files, which is why yuubouna
turned to Commons FileUpload. Since it is not true that the Struts
implementation works only for text files, I suggested looking at it
further and taking the question up on the Struts User list, where
hundreds, if not thousands, of people have successfully used the
Struts implementation to upload binary files.

Martin Cooper

> I did the same thing.
> Anyway, following Ted warning to trust committers and to do what
> committers say, Yuubouna, any further discussion I have with you about
> commons-upload apparently will have to be on struts-user list unless
> Martin changes his mind.  I am interested in these discussions and not
> the least bit interested in the Struts implementation myself.
> Jack
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