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From "Barbara Gosnell" <>
Subject RE: patch for jelly-tags-interaction
Date Thu, 09 Dec 2004 09:00:17 GMT
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From: Paul Libbrecht [] 
Sent: 09 December 2004 08:29
To: Jakarta Commons Users List
Subject: Re: patch for jelly-tags-interaction


Although JLine seems very nice, it is annoying with its license: LGPL.
In Jelly, and in most ASF projects, we have tried to keep license  
issues as small as possible and prefer overall BSD-type licenses...

Before committing such a change, I would insist heavily that we clear  
up wether it is not possible to adapt things so that a more ASF-like  
license is found.

Was the author of JLine contacted about a donation at ASF, e.g. in  
commons (I know it's shameless but still, it offers a very nice  
visibility!) ? There seems to have been no updates since last year.


Le 8 déc. 04, à 22:32, Ryan Christianson a écrit :

> I've attached a patch to the commons-jelly-tags-interaction jar. This
> patch makes it so the interaction task will try to use jline:
> Jline makes it so a java console will have tab completion, and
> history, and other goodies.
> This is great, because the maven-console plugin uses the
> commons-jelly-tags-interaction jar. So if you update the
> commons-jelly-tags-interaction jar, and then tell the maven console
> plugin to use the new jar, then your maven console will have history,
> and tab completion.
> I've set it up to remember all of the commands typed in any console,
> further it uses that history as the tab completion source - so you can
> tab complete past commands.
> I've tested this in windows and it works great, but in windows with
> cygwin, it doesn't do the fancy completion, but still works.
> By the way, in windows, jline's lib doesn't support arrows for
> history, so use CONTROL+P and CONTROL+N.
> Its possible that there might be a better way to integrate jline into
> this lib, i've just done what looked like the quickest way to get it
> working so my maven console would have history and tab completion.
> Maybe this feature could be enabled with a tag attribute?
> Ryan
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