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From Craig McClanahan <>
Subject Re: [dbcp] Call Oracle stored procedure via DBCP?
Date Thu, 25 Nov 2004 18:44:06 GMT
On Thu, 25 Nov 2004 18:45:09 +0300, Sergey Karpov <> wrote:
> Hello!
> Is Tomcat + DPCP + JNDI and Oracle + stored procedure...
> When from the application on Tomcat the call of stored procedure is carried out through
"direct" connection with Oracle - all normally... And results in ResultSet come back...
> However when "direct" connection is replaced with the connection received from pool connection
(DBCP) there is a mistake.
> Thus all elementary searches (such as select...) through DBCP to base work normally...
> For connection with base in all cases it is used JDBC thin driver.
> What could it be?

It could be one of many millions of possible mistakes.  Without
details about what you are doing (such as sample code and an exception
message and stack trace when you try to do someting), it is impossible
for anyone to help you.

There is nothing in principle about using DBCP and Tomcat's JNDI
support that should make this not work, *unless* you are trying to
cast the Connection object (or some other JDBC object) to an
Oracle-specifc class.  You should not need to do that sort of thing --
but if it is required there mght be some workarounds.  I would ask
that kind of question on the Tomcat User mailing list (to subscribe,
send an empty message to <>)
since it will be specific to this environment.



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