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From Minty <>
Subject Daemon / tomcat 5.5 : building on debian testing / sarge
Date Sat, 27 Nov 2004 11:00:06 GMT
(I'm new here, and new to Jakarta, so apologies if it's the wrong place).

Been trying to install Tomcat on a fresh install of debian
testing/sarge.  I hit one problem that I eventually found a fix for in
the bugs database, and I guess essentially I'm suggesting it might be
worth either patching into cvs, or at least updating the docs about
this specific bug.

But I don't really know how to do either, so I'm hoping someone can
either help or point me in a better direction.

I hit this bug (marked as re-opened)

It points at some documentation on this bug here

As it turns out, I resolved the problem ONLY by adding the line


to the top of ~/jakarta-tomcat-5/build/bin/jsvc-src/ as
suggested at the bottom of the bug report.

Namely, I didn't have to upgrade autoconf, I just added the above line
and re-tried, and this time it worked.   Thus, I'm wondering if there
are down-sides (to other people/platforms) to adding that line into in cvs, or if there are - then updating the docs with a
note about this?.  If someone can point me at the process/list/cvs
location I'll happily submit the patch.

For the record, the setup/install I was using:
- Installed Debian stable (woody).  Fairly minimal install
- tweaked apt/sources.list to use Debian testing/sarge; apt-get
update; apt-get upgrade
- Installed from source / by hand
-- apache 2.0.52 
-- apache's ant 1.6.2
-- Sun's JDK 5.0, following 11.2 in
- Installed Tomcat 5.5 from source folllowing
- Followed (unix) setup instructions at

It was while trying to run autoconf line that it burped.  Fix'd as
defined above.  All good and running now.  Just need to figure out how
to start/stop it using jsvc :)

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