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From robert burrell donkin <>
Subject Re: [BeanUtils] Using a DynaClass as Class?
Date Mon, 29 Nov 2004 20:36:07 GMT
On 28 Nov 2004, at 22:53, Michael Schuerig wrote:
> On Sunday 28 November 2004 23:11, robert burrell donkin wrote:
>> On 27 Nov 2004, at 15:58, Michael Schuerig wrote:


>>> My concrete case is that I want to map XML type to a DynaClass in a
>>> call
>>> to WSIFService.mapType(QName, Class).
>> i suspect that you're out of luck: a library has to be written to be
>> dynabean aware.
>> you might be able to find ways around this but it'd probably mean
>> learning a lot more about the innards of the service. (maybe create a
>> special class)
> My understanding is that for this I'd have to make changes deeply in 
> the
> bowels of WSIF, Axis, and probably the other WSIF providers.

that all depends on the design :)

you might want to hope over to axis dev. axis 2 looks like it'll play 
happy with a much wider variety of toys. if you're interested in 
developing tools for document based messaging, i'd strongly suggest 
bypassing axis 1 and heading straight for axis 2.

> Currently, even when calling a service dynamically, it's necessary to
> have classes to which the result can be mapped. They're mostly trivial
> to write or can be generated. It would have been nifty, though, if
> these classes -- or pseudo-classes -- could be created fully
> dynamically.

i think in this case that it's important to consider carefully what you 
gain by this over one of the DOMs (dom4j, say). i'm not saying that 
there aren't some advantages out there for certain types of project but 
that it would be useful to focus on exactly what they are.

>> alternatively, choose a dynabean aware binder. (for example,
>> commons-betwixt.)
> So far, I haven't looked into betwixt at all. I'm somewhat overwhelmed
> by the sheer number of different tools for binding XML to Java objects.

that's true enough. the hardest thing is that most of them are good at 
different things but very few offer a comprehensive solution. betwixt 
is one that i work on and i've just been reminded that the dynabean 
reading code has been finished yet. (oops - i will take a look at it 

> I've got a penchant for commons-digester and have written some generic
> code for using it as an Axis deserializer -- I hope to put some sample
> code on the web soon.

again, i'd like to repeat my advice about heading over to the axis 
list. axis 2 looks like it'll be a mile better at supporting document 
based messaging. it's still early enough in the process to get involved 
and contribute over there.

another project of interest might be 
this is james strachan's innovative, SOAP lightweight container using 
xml beans and STAX.

- robert

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