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From José Antonio Pérez Testa <>
Subject Re: [digester] Help needed
Date Mon, 29 Nov 2004 08:42:19 GMT
Hi Ray,
My advice is to create 2 utility classes one to manage the process of 
the ArrayList and the Map.

class MyArrayList extends ArrayList {
private String name;
public void setName(String name){;}
public String getName() {return name}

class MyHashMap extends HashMap {

public void putIt (MyArrayList obj) {
    super.put(obj.getName(), obj);
and .... (see below) ( the name and parameters of the rules could be 
innaccurate ;) )
Ray Madigan wrote:

>I have not been using the digester for a long time, but up until now I have
>been able to figure out everything on my own.  I have a situation that I
>don't know if it can be done the way I want to do it,  So I thought I would
>The xml I want to digest looks like
>  <processMap>
>    <process name="A">
>        <top>"AB"</top>
>        <top>"AC"</top>
>        <top>"AD"</top>
>    </process>
>    <process name="C">
>        <top>"AB"</top>
>        <top>"CC"</top>
>        <top>"AD"</top>
>    </process>
>    <process name="F">
>        <top>"CB"</top>
>        <top>"AC"</top>
>        <top>"FD"</top>
>    </process>
>  </processMap>
>The class I want to fill in is like
>public class processMap {
>    private HashMap map;
>    public processMap ( ) {
>    }
>    public void setProcessMap ( HashMap map ) {
> = map;
>    }
>    public HashMap getProcessMap ( ) {
>        return map;
>    }
>The digester rules are like
>// Create the HashMap and push it on the stack
addObjectCreate ( "tran/processMap", MyHashMap.class );

>// Create the ArrayList and push it on the stack
addObjectCreate ( "tran/processMap/process", MyArrayList );
addSetProperties ("tran/processMap/process");

>//  Don't know how to get to the process attribute name
>//  Don't know how to call HashMap.put with the key as the
>//  process attribute name value ant the value as the ArrayList
>//  that is currently at the top of the stack
>//  Add the top values to the array list
>addCallMethod ( "tran/processMap/process/top", add, 1 );
>addCallParam ( "tran/processMap/process/top", 0 );
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