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From Skip/Jan Hodgson <>
Subject Commons-Net Ftp Client
Date Thu, 25 Nov 2004 00:25:08 GMT
Has anyone noticed?

I downloaded the to use the Ftp Client feature for 
a Java project (with Sun Java SDK 1.4.2).  Using the method 
FTPClient.listFiles(String) the code compiled OK but at runtime gave a 
NoClassDefFoundError looking for MalformedPatternException.class in the 
package org/apache/oro/text/regex.  This package is available as 
jakarta-oro-2.0.8.jar of course and getting this fixed the little 
problem but wouldn't it be better to wrap these together somehow or list 
a formal dependency?  A regex package is included in the Sun SDK now.  
Is this causing some sort of "version" problem?  I have noticed similar 
little "packaging" problems with other projects in the past but I can't 
think of a neat way to point them out to the developers.  They are 
hardly "bugs" but they are a bit annoying!

Skip Hodgson

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