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From Jörg Herbst <>
Subject Re: [jelly] Installation problems
Date Mon, 22 Nov 2004 11:57:17 GMT
Hi Paul,

thanks for you're help, I've donwloaded the missing jar and put them 
into the right directories.
Now jelly seems to compile fine (there are still 2 test failure but I 
guess that's not to problem),
now I'm looking for my taglib files? I can see a target folder but there 
are only .class files in there.
I'm looking for something like a *.tld to use the (standard) taglibs in 
a web application. Where
can I find such a file, or do I have do build all taglibs on my own?
I'm also wondering why there is no *.xml in the tags folder? Am I 
missing some files to build the


> These are the (in)famous non-downloadable dependencies...
> They are not in the maven repository because they have a license that 
> prevents it.
> You can download them but then need to put them in the appropriate 
> place in the maven repository, typically 
> ~/.maven/${groupID}/jars/${artifactID}.jar
> You can also avoid them because you don't want to use these taglibs.
> Two ways:
> - remove their directories from the jelly-tags directory
> - use "maven pack-fat-jar"
> hope that helps.
> paul
> Le 22 nov. 04, à 10:28, Jörg Herbst a écrit :
>> Hi,
>> I'm quite new to the jelly project and got some trouble with the 
>> download and setup
>> procedure. All I want to do, is use some of the statndard taglibs 
>> defined. I've found
>> the Java source, but there seems to be no binary download for this.
>> So I followed the instructions found on the jelly website and 
>> downloaded maven (the
>> latest release) this worked fine and after typen maven jar in my 
>> jelly home directory
>> it took a while to download all the files. After a while I got the 
>> following error
>> messages:
>> Attempting to download javadoc-1.3.jar.
>> WARNING: Failed to download javadoc-1.3.jar.
>> Attempting to download jdbc-2.0.jar.
>> WARNING: Failed to download jdbc-2.0.jar.
>> Attempting to download jms-1.0.2b.jar.
>> WARNING: Failed to download jms-1.0.2b.jar.
>> Attempting to download xsdlib-20020414.jar.
>> WARNING: Failed to download xsdlib-20020414.jar.
>> Attempting to download hsqldb-1.7.0.jar.
>> WARNING: Failed to download hsqldb-1.7.0.jar.
>> The build cannot continue because of the following unsatisfied 
>> dependencies:
>> javadoc-1.3.jar
>> jdbc-2.0.jar
>> jms-1.0.2b.jar
>> xsdlib-20020414.jar
>> hsqldb-1.7.0.jar
>> I've even tried to downoad the jars from some other location and put 
>> them
>> into maven/lib directory but this didn't help.
>> How do I configure maven to get theses files or is there some place 
>> where
>> I can download a precompiled version of the jelly taglibs?
>> Thanks
>> Joerg
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