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From Marty Phee <>
Subject Re: Stream Ended Unexpectedly
Date Wed, 17 Nov 2004 21:39:30 GMT
Try putting Apache in from of Tomcat and see if you have problems.

On Wednesday 17 November 2004 03:18 pm, J.Talarczyk wrote:
> My server configuration is as follows: Windows 2003 box running IIS 6
> with isapi_redirector2.dll and Tomcat 5.0.25.  A dedicated fractional T
> for inbound web traffic.
> I have a jsp app that uploads 3-8mb pdf files and dumps them in a
> database using the latest downloadable version of FileUpload.  The
> application works rather soundly when it is accessed in house, but
> random errors, usually stream ended unexpectedly, occur when the
> application is accessed from the "outside".  The upload of the file also
> takes around 1 minute if not more per mb to upload.  There are times
> when the files can be uploaded successfully but the upload speed is
> horrible.
> What I have already tried:
> 1.	Installed Tomcat standalone on a separate box with no router or
> firewall restrictions and the upload speed is the same as above. No
> errors just speed issue.
> 2.	Completely opened the firewall and router for the original
> webserver.  Speed issues and stream ended errors.
> 3.	Uploaded similar size files using ftp program to determine
> possible upload bandwidth issue.  Files seem to upload within reason.
> 4.	Used package from and experienced exact speed
> problems.
> 5.	Accessing the application via port 8080 usually results in no
> errors, but speed is still an issue. (read about 100k limit on
> redirector)
> My biggest concern now is to determine whether the problem is with
> Tomcat, IIS, or some other configuration.
> Any help would be greatly appreciated.
> Thanks in advance.
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